Monday, December 6, 2010

OMG.I added WHAT to the Chrissy pudd??????!!

Yes, well, errr......
When one delves into the innards of the liquor cupboard without turning the light on and chooses a bottle one thinks contains a coffee or almond flavoured liquor to soak the Chrissy pudd fruit should really, truly take that extra minute to have a darned good look at what one is holding in one's mitt before glugging great copious amounts of the stuff all over the dried fruit and spice mixture intended for the pudd. seems we now have Chrissy pudd with Blue Sambucca.
It's a first even for moi.
I checked the cocktails but nowhere does it list A Great Whopping Load of Enough Dried Fibre to Get You Going cocktail.
Nothing but a tame-sounding Ace Ventura.
This pudd is going to have more bounce, more cheek and, possibly, more character than the movie of the same name.
It seems waaaaay back in the dim mists of time hubby broke the blue sambucca bottle and dispensed the remaining fluid into the empty Amaretto bottle.
Hence my belief I was chugging almond-flavoured liquor into the bowl.

She knew that she shouldn't have dropped that acid before baking Christmas dinner....


  1. Ohh nooo, not cool! Better than making a cup of cocoa.. that was really a grab for the gravy packet instead!

  2. So isn't it still alcohol? Who knows?? It might be the taste sensation of the century!! Go with it, I say!!

  3. I'm with Red Nomad OZ - it might be a great discovery!

  4. It might be significant christmas in the Jayne household this year, for more that one reason. I hope no one calls the police.

  5. thats are going to have to let us know how it tastes....loving the old photos with the funny comments, reminds me of cards like that...and really lets face it thats what they were thinking really lol

    Off to the library to pick up some more Phyrne.....but get this I may have to read a few out of order....eeeeks lol

  6. Thanks for visiting... this sounds like the kind of thing I would do, if I were cooking a Christmas pudding, but as that will never happen I don't have to worry. Actually, for some inexplicable reason, there is a tub of Clag in my kitchen cupboard, so the results of diving in there blindly could have been a lot worse than yours!!

  7. As you surely know the best way-laid mistakes sometimes are greater than expected! -- barbara

  8. What in the name of all that's evil has happened to your colour scheme?

  9. Oh my Lord, Cazzie, a friend did that, too lol.

    Red and Scott - I'll post you some as you've volunteered to be taste testers :P

    Only if we're on the roof wearing the chandelier again, Andrew :P

    Thanks, Janine. It won't matter if you read them out of sequence, they're easy to put together ;)

    Wow, 4th Daughter, that Clag could make for an interesting Chrissy meal lol.

    Fingers crossed this is another that turns out ok, Barbara!

    I got seasonal, Brian :P

  10. What? No silver threepences or a sixpences thrown in! Well, I never!

    Take Care,

  11. *puts on high and mighty hat*
    *snooty voice too*

    "Everything in MY pantry is labelled. Such a mistake would NEVER occur here."

    Takes off hat and reverts to self; well, like the others said, it's still alcohol so it'll probably be okay. Let us know. I've never made my own christmas pudding, it's too much effort for just one person. I just buy a mini one.

  12. LOL Peter!
    I wish!
    I can remember my Nana saved some from when we went decimal - Lord knows what happened to them.

    I'm making itty bitty ones, too, River, just to get some fruit into the Feral child in one form or another lol.

  13. They do say don't eat pudding and drive don't they :)

  14. Could have been worse. Could have been Worcestershire Sauce.

  15. Licorice pudding? Save me a chunk!

    Btw, I misread one of your Christmas stickers, the one above the waving Santa, as "Christmas Greetings to our Beavers".

  16. They do, Loz, frequently...or around me at least!

    You have a sauce fetish, Lord Hughes :P

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha, Lavender!
    Easy mistake to make what with all the beavers roaming wildly through here ;)

  17. OMG ... totally something I would have done. Taste tested yet??