Monday, December 27, 2010

Post-Xmas rant meant for Pre-Xmas drinkies rant. Chin chin!

Here we go, here we go, here we go.....
Babbling again.
When, oh, when is the Powers That Be going to put a train service back to Dunolly?
The reason I ask is picture this....
Remember those British cartoons/comedies with the little man pushing the overly LARGE woman up the tight stairs on a double decker bus/narrow stairway?
Shoving her ample backside ever upwards?
Yeah, that was me trying to get my father onto a V/Line coach from Dunolly to Bendigo the other week.
Now, factor in the fact he is 87, unsteady on his feet, I'm legally blind with Meniere's Syndrome and some of those coach stairs are akin to vertical cliff get the picture.
Now, apparently they're whinging their little backsides off by claiming the Maryborough rail line is costing gazillions each year.
Maryborough is booming with many living in the smaller 'satellite' country towns (like Dunolly) and travelling in to work at Maryborough, or working in Melbourne and commuting from home in Maryborough.
If someone used their God-given grey matter and actually determined the preferred times people travelled from Maryborough to Melb and back again AND connected the bus services with each train service then....
OMG the patronage would sky-rocket, the dosh would come rolling in and maybe, just maybe, they could see their way clear to opening up a few more stations on the Maryborough line.
Like Dunolly.....


  1. If they won't restore the train why can't they use wheelchair accessible coaches? I believe they have been invented.

  2. Economic rationalism will always win over grey matter. Especially in these 'OMG-there's-nothing-left-in-the-state-treasury-coffers-how-can-we-make-ends-meet-wait-stop-lets-close-something-down' days! People call me cynical, but I don't believe them ...

    Happy travels!!

  3. Economic Rationalisation = Village Idiots.

    Sounds like our lot over here Jayne we don't even have public transport where I live. Simply because it is way out in the boondocks. Would be handy though.

    Merry Christmas by the way and have a great New year. Love to your family!

  4. Might be a bit oldish and memory deficient .. but Sisyphus comes to mind .. heh.

  5. "...that was me trying to get my father onto a V/Line coach..."

    You're the overly large, fat bottomed woman wedged on the steps?

  6. Well, you'd think that a coach going through to Adelaide would be wheelchair accessible, Andrew, or is that just commonsense?

    LOL Here, join us on the Cynical Couch, Red, there's always room for more of us ;)

    Exactly on the Village Idiots, Liz. Hope you and your girls had a lovely time and 2011 is good to you all xxx

    Yes, forever pushing that bum/boulder ever upwards :P

    Yes, Brian, I'm the overly large, fat bottomed woman almost wedged on the steps shoving the overly-skinny man forever upwards :P

  7. My favourite quote (and I can't recall the source) is 'if you haven't got anything nice to say about anyone, come sit next to me!!!' A good antidote to cynicism ...