Thursday, December 30, 2010

Roll the (mixed) tape of 2010

Weeeeeell, seeing as it's the 30th of the last month of the year 2010 I thought it appropriate to slap up this mash up of 25 dance hits from this year.
Pump up the volume (wait ten minutes, that song will be covered by another artist), throw your hands in the air and enjoy!

So, what are your exciting plans for New Years Eve?
Moshing with mates?
Partying like wild thangs in the city streets?
Quietly enjoying a movie at home?
Parking your arse in front of the computer and playing Bookworm til midnight?
Melting in the sudden spurt of Summer heading our way with 40+ degrees? *whimper*
Reserving the old bath tub in the backyard full of ice, beer and a pillow for your head?
All or none of the above?

In other news, they're trying to nail the ID of the wandering skull from Old Melbourne Gaol - is it serial killer Deeming or Ned Kelly?


  1. Well it looks like I will be here, and the Big A will be at my parents shack at the Great Lakes.
    I am guessing I will have some teenage company though :)

    What do you have planned?


  2. Plans? Who makes plans?? But many (or all!) the following keywords will more than likely figure prominently: champagne; beach shack; white wine; heat escape; liqueur; smoked salmon; liqueur chocolates; preparing 2010 annual snapshot for blog post; coffee; beroccas.

    And you?

  3. Sounds good, both of oyu!
    I'll be parked firmly in the house listening to the neighbours let off firecrackers and making sure the cats and dogs are tucked up inside.