Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Show me the way to go home....I'm tired and I wanna go to bed....I had a lil drink *hic* abou' an hour ago....

I am a bit bewildered.
Got the official diagnosis of Meniere's Disease yesterday - noice, no more salt liberally sprinkled with gay abandon through my meals...not that I did anyway but once you're told you can't have something you suddenly crave it with a passion lol.
I'm not fussed over the diagnosis cos I've suspected it for more than a year so, meh, rubber stamp what I've already diagnosed, good specialist sir, lol.
The bewildered bit comes from the 2 stubbies of Carlton Black I've just imbibed.
Don't be telling me if there's salt in beer!
Am trying to download Radio National podcasts for feral beastie child but I've managed to kill one MP3 player (dropped it) and the other two are currently unavailable due to flat batteries and old software.
Yes, I am a dinosaur.
Cos I don't want to be burning Cds we'll only listen to once.
Did you know that our liquor cupboard was soooooooooooooo deep it can hide umpteen bottles of Creme de Banana (ick) Dad had a thing for buying about 10 years ago?
But no matter how hard I look I cannot find any extra Carlton Blacks hiding up the back.
The Chrissy pudd fruit is smelling distinctly licorice-y.
Do ya think I should bake it already instead of topping the fruit up with more Blue Sambucca?
Nahhh, I agree.
The more the merrier!


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  2. Bloody Nora! With what you've got and losing the second Ashes Test, what is a man to do? Have one for me, will ya!

    Take Care,

  3. Does it make a difference when it is named? Does a "hey you leave me alone" no longer suffice when the systems strike?

    I learned something today.

  4. At least you're not bewildered enough to follow up a pair of beer with a few shots of banana liqueur. There's a recipe for disaster!

  5. Can you download the podcasts onto flash drives? A 2 or 4GB one should hold quite a few.

    I remember my stepdad, well, the man my mum lived with and had a child with but never actually married, singing that song almost on a weekly basis when he was drunk. His other "drunk" song was Please Release Me. He favoured that cheap "plonk" that came in 2 gallon glass bottles.