Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some silly stuffs just for you...and you...oh, and you, too, of course!

Had a great assessment, things are looking up with practical help.
As for the Sambuca in the Chrissy pudd fruit mix - I have it on good authority from FOUR different taste testers (all well over the age of 18 and NOT designated drivers) that it's a winner.
Depending on the price of the damn stuff I may be forced to do a repeat of the accident next year.
Thanks for the visits from my new readers, I appreciate the love :)
I'll be around to your blogs shortly.
As soon as I've tasted this pudd for myself...

"Merv, I swear you look just like your sister Bunty with that pipe clenched between your teeth"

Mavis' hubby wouldn't be laughing when he found her pole dancing in his favourite strip club.

"Oooooooooo. Preeeeeeeeetty colours...Munchies!...I wonder if this vest is good with tomato sauce..."


  1. Sounds like a great new Xmas ritual - extract a random bottle of alcohol from the cupboard (no peeking!)and use in the pudding whatever it is!!

    Any fool can follow a boring old recipe ...

    Happy travels!

  2. Good news about the assessment. Hey, I just discovered there is a place called Dunolly not so very far from here, in a rural sheep farming kind of area. I guess that long ago it had a school etc, but maybe not much is left now. I will have to go out there in the hols and take some pics for you!!!

  3. In fact, here is an old (1909) newspaper report about Dunolly School

  4. Wonder how a Sambucca pudding would taste with a brandy sauce?

    I always hated those knitting magazine models. Their cardigans and jumpers always looked so much better than my mangled attempts.

  5. .. who? me?
    Oh, just remembered ..

    Wishing You and yours Cheers and Best Wishes for the Festive Season.

    (!!!!!!, exclamation marks optional)

  6. Oh, PS, Red Nomad. I remember Stone Hut, please contact me (email on site).

  7. Yippee! Now let's hope they follow through.

    Re: second photo and caption. "You're grounded for a week, young lady, and no more missing Sunday School!"

  8. What a happy accident, right? Love the photos and your captions.