Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stuff, nonsense, gobbledegook and lamingtons on the side.

Am pottering about the house attempting to get a lot of stuff done.
But first....

This is from Lady Jekyll's (DBE) Kitchen Essays: With Recipes and their Occasions (printed 1921). 
Yes, it is slightly askew.
I shudder to think of you, dear reader, sitting underneath the 'thick yellow blanket of scum which embarrasses all and disgusts many'.
I cannot say that I have noticed this 'thick yellow blanket' lurking within the many coffee shops I trot past but, rest assured, I shall certainly be on the look out for it now!

This is the cousin Dick and Jane never talked about....
Naughty Betty.


  1. LOL- sounds dreamy
    PS What does Betty's pic say I biggered it but still can't read.

  2. Ahh, I wondered if it was legible.
    I'll fix it.
    It says "Betty was warned about mixing red cordial with horsing around"

  3. Hi! Love the Christmas decorations! Yes, tis the season to be jolly and to forget about pounding the pavement until '11. As for me, I much prefer a raspberry spider!

    Take Care,

  4. Thick yellow scum makes the whole experience sound rather suss ... but LOOOOVE naughty Betty!!

    On a separate note - received parcel pick up notification yesterday, and got my FAAAABULOUS prize from your giveaway this morning (benefits of living in a semi-rural area - the Gen Store/PO is open Sat am!!). Thanx so much - I'll forever treasure the dunny book - and maybe even start tracking them down to see what they look like ~35 years on!

    It made my day - hope you're having a good one too!!

    Happy travels!!

  5. Every family has a Betty.

    I got my parcel notification too, but didn't get it until this morning and the post office isn't open on Saturdays, so I'm looking forward to getting my books on Monday. Thanks again.

  6. While it is so wrong, I don't like the way that girl is looking into his eyes.

  7. Ohhh, raspberry spider! lol
    Thanks, Peter :)

    Glad you got them, Red, happy reading ;)

    Hope you enjoy them, too, River :)

    She's high on red cordial, Andrew.
    You know how quickly they turn once they're addicted to that !

  8. Lady Jekyll sounds in need of some heavy-duty Freudian analysis.

  9. Don't know that I'd want her frothing my coffee, Lavender!

  10. Ah, lamingtons. had to go to gringle to find the recipe. mm.