Friday, December 31, 2010

Things I've learnt in 2010

Actually, I learned several vital bits of information right in the dying hours of the year....

Watched the movie version of Tomorrow, When The War Began.
This has taught me that
  1. Australia's future is in secure, heavily-armed hands....
  2. That if a chick can drive a tractor she can drive a petrol tanker and garbo truck.
  3. No matter how young at heart you think you might be, the show ground wears a little thin as a PoW camp.
  4. That when serious god-botherers are miffed they get seriously medieval on the enemies arse and 
  5. The one weekend teenagers decide to go camping will always be the weekend the enemy will invade the country....cos they're as a'scared of teens as much as we are.
 Another was Alice in Wonderland.
This taught me that....
  1. Uber-wan main actors in a movie need urgent blood transfusions.
  2. Making the Mad Hatter a Gingernut was just playing to stereotypes. Not all Gingernuts are insane warriors.
  3. Wait...forget # 2...refer to Under the Mountain.
  4. Helena looks scarily natural with the bobble head happening.
  5. Crispin Glover...hmmmmmm *drool*
  6. Parents should just hand themselves in to The Jabberwocky and let the teens get on with it.
Did You Hear About The Morgans? was another....
  1. Ummmmm
  2. ...errrr.....
  3. thinking, thinking...
  4. Nope, I got nothing.
  5. Except when their children hit their teens they should just post themselves off to witness protection again.
We also watched Under The Mountain.
Things I learned from this flick which will enhance my life in 2011 are
  1. There's a shedload of volcanoes in NZ....that aren't necessarily volcanoes.
  2. Do not piss off a Gingernut....especially when they're twins with telepathy.
  3. Sam Neill looks the same at eleventy hundred years old as he did at 40.
  4. NZ is full of aliens...ugly aliens...and they're not Aussies!
  5. NZ parents should voluntarily hand themselves in to the show ground (see above) and let the heavily-armed teens get on with it.

    And so, that was 2010.
    Totally uninspiring except for all the marvellous blog posts and comments we all shared amongst us.
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    1. Happy New Year lovely. I've not seen any of those movies, i'm rubbish at getting around to watching stuff!!

    2. Happy New Year to you!

    3. Jayne -- I've not seen any of these movies either but your comments about them are hilarious -- they could apply to many movies I have watched this past year.

      To you and yours a very good year in 2011 -- barbara

    4. And I've just learned that I haven't missed anything by not hiring those films out.

    5. I'm looking forward to seeing Tomorrow, When the War Began, but as always, I'll be waiting for the dvd to be on sale at a reduced price. More money for popcorn that way...

    6. We saw the Morgan's movie but my ageing memory can't remember much about it. I think I liked it.

    7. Mmm, spleen ventings on a roll is one of my favourite breakfast treats!

    8. lol I totally agree with the things you learnt from watching Tomorrow when the war began! Teenagers ARE scary creatures!!