Thursday, December 9, 2010

This is freakin' insane.

Ok, sorry about the restraint shown there.
It's fucking insane.
Read this about a 20 year old autistic man locked up for tapping people on the shoulder and tell me the lunatics aren't running the asylum.
Seriously getthefuckouttahere.
Tapping people on the shoulder to get their attention is 'dangerous' and he cannot return to live with his father?
Because tapping someone on the shoulder is deemed assault???
Julian Assange is dropping people in the shit left, right and centre, being a watchdog on truth in politics (an oxymoron if ever I wrote one).
But, c'mon, Julian baby!
Use your power for good this once!
Get on board this pile of steaming shitty drivel of a system where an innocent 20 year old autistic man gets locked up and kept away from his family cos he taps people on their shoulders to get their freakin' attention!!!!!!!
There's a petition HERE.
And his father has a Facebook page HERE.
To get Stephen home where he belongs.


  1. That is appalling ...his family must be frantic

  2. Wow, that's a classic example of beaurocratic idocy. They don't want Stephen there, he doesn't want to be there and his Dad wants him home. It seems really simple.
    Since when is tapping a should assault, anyway?
    I signed the petition, I hope it helps.

  3. Uh oh. I tapped someone on the shoulder just yesterday. I hope they don't come and get me....
    I'll go over and sign the petition now.

  4. People are eedjits. I signed.