Sunday, December 26, 2010

Toasted Cheese Jaffles - why they are a traditional Chrissy meal

Seriously, chickadees, who in their right pickin' mind buys a gazillion kilos of frozen prawns, salads, the makings of antipasto and a chook to roast to feed 4 peeps on Chrissy Day?
*crickets chirping*
Yeah, I thought it was only us.
We are not revisiting the ghosts of Christmas Past, nay, we are, in fact, revisiting 2010 Christmas lunch, tea and Boxing Day lunch all over again at tea time.
Right now.
Got sleepy on the couch watching Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince so I delegated the joy of meal prep to the spouse person I promised to share my life with oh so many years ago.
I swear I emptied a bag of salad at lunchtime but *sigh* fear not, the spouse managed to find another of the squillion bags of shredded lettuce I stashed in the innards of the chilly bin.
Those dinky lil red and green pickled onions?
Yeah, they're a great festive idea before they've been trotted out on everyone's plates for 3 days in a row.
There's only so many prawns one wants to tickle their tonsils with, too.
Granted, the spouse's first effort at spud salad is pretty tasty and who could knock back artichoke hearts at any meal?
Is it too much to ask for Nigella to wiggle on over to my kitchen to whip up something dripping in calories and cheese and fat?
How about Maggie Beer sashaying by to drop off some of her uber-delish roast meat dishes?
Heck, I'll even let Matt Preston stumble up the stairs to my lonely and virtuous stove top to make a golden syrup pudd.
How about a good old-fashioned plain toasted cheese jaffle?
Not to mention the tonnes and tonnes of food now currently marked down to REEEEEEEEE-dick-u-lous prices in the supermarkets just to make way for.....
Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns.


  1. Haha!! Why does our organisational ability to plan a meal go down the toilet at Xmas time?? It's not like it comes on a random surprise date, and it's not like I don't know how much food would NORMALLY feed 8 people!!! One of life's great mysteries!!

  2. "Is it too much to ask for Nigella to wiggle on over to my kitchen?"

    Yes...although she might wobble over if you offered her a free vat of custard.

  3. I got given a ham for Christmas by the boss. And we got a part of a turkey (having learned the whole bird was a whole lot of too many leftovers) - cheese is great on omelette, which is great for hiding many leftovers - as is pie (tonight's dinner)

  4. lol Red, we try to be generous with food and end up rolling out the door, instead ;)

    I resemble that remark, Brian :P

    See, ham can be used in so many ways, Jeanie, and well done on not getting the whole bird!

  5. ooh I think Maggie should drop by with some meats and some of her divine icecream. Oh yes.

  6. Damn, Fen, blogger needs 'like' button for comments lol.