Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yes, the post-Xmas waistline scrutiny has begun....sort of

I'm in a poetic mood having pecked out Ode to Architecture, trying to track down the reason for Miss Beverley to suddenly have a bald tummy (the Silkie chicken not a hirsute hooman) and feeding the 18 year old dog bacon scraps while she gums my fingers in mistake.
In all, an average morning at the Madhouse.

With apologies to Willie Nelson and friends!

On the bike again,
I can wait to get on the bike again,
The life I love is whacking kilos on my frame,
And I can't wait to torment myself again.

On the bike again,
Using muscles that I didn't know I had,
Whimpering words I may never say again,
I can't wait to inflict the pain again.

On the bike again,
Clocking miles and getting nowhere,
Wasting time busting my pulmonary vein
On thebastardthing, yet again.

Off the bike again,
Hobbling in pain to the corner store,
Downing rum, panadol and looking for more,
I 'm glad to be off the bloody bike again.


  1. Oh, that's wonderful! But I'm so impressed you've already started?? It's not even NYE yet!!

  2. With apologies to the Beatles:

    Two of us riding nowhere,
    Eating steak pies,
    Wearing tracksuits,
    Sat in bed.
    Two of us watching telly,
    Across my belly,
    Could you get us something else to snack,
    From the fridge?
    If you're on your way down,
    Just a smidge,
    Before you waddle home?

  3. I was slack long before Xmas hit, Red, I have time to make up lol.

    Oh, Brian *groan*
    You want me to pass the brandy custard, egg nog and liquor cream to smother the licorice all sorts...?

  4. You too huh? Mine is a treadmill...

  5. Another 4 weeks for me until I get seriously into my exercise regime again. The book deadline is so near, then I'll be pounding the pavements again. Good luck with your goals and happy New Year.