Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Oh, look!
Australia Day is just around the corner and we get blessed with the single day of Aussie-themed history stuffs.
Can you hear the excitment in my voice?
History Channel is airing a special titled Lachlan Macquarie: Father of Australia.
It looks half-decent.
Seems to have been done in the same vein as Rogue Nation.
Such a shame we only get dribs and drabs with the obligatory Aussie war movies/docos trotted out on ANZAC and Remembrance Days when we have a rich source of history throughout this nation.
Yet, it's ignored just like the Surf Lifesavers Flags at the beach.
Ted Baillieu managed to screw up a photo op at the beach, ending up outside the flags at Jan Juc beach.
Now, this summer there's been untold rescues and a large number of them have been people outside the flags.
Surf Lifesavers aren't there to tap parents on the shoulder to wake them up to the fact their little darlings almost drowned while they slept.
Surf Lifesavers aren't babysitters to watch children while parents go off shopping.
Surf Lifesavers aren't there to take messages from parents out to children swimming in the water.
Surf Lifesavers aren't there to fill in background for politicians and washed-up tv actors.
Surf Lifesavers aren't there to take photos for tourists.
Surf Lifesavers are there to patrol the beach, determine if conditions are too rough and they need to close the beach, to watch for every Tom, Dickhead and Harriet splashing about in waves with sun glare, to keep scanning for problems and making sure no one is in danger.
Which comes back to SWIM BETWEEN THE DAMN FLAGS.


  1. And Surf Lifesavers aren't there to tell you to cover up, although I wish they have of back in my days of coming home as a kid and busting as many blisters on my back as possible while having a bath.

    Take Care,

  2. Oh. Is that what the flags are for?
    I thought they were just to prettify the beach.....

  3. HHHMMMmmm... I can sense you're trying to say something!! Now - if I could only work out what it is!!

    Happy 2011 travels!!

  4. Swim? Oh yeah, it's a sport to enjoy once the icebreaker has cleared the channel.

  5. Swim?


    Let me make things real easy for the Surf Lifesavers. I actually don't know how to swim, so I'll keep my pale self on the beach.

  6. Damned well said... people PISS ME ORF when they do not mind their own kids. I found a boy age 10yrs a few yrs back and he had drifted so far from his Mum.. who was sitting there on the sand drinking beer and laughing with friends.. she didn't give a hoot when i took him to her.. 150metres down the beach! And.. he son was crying so bad too!