Saturday, January 8, 2011

Discrimination towards Indigenous People yet again? If not, please explain why the 2 heritage values

This explains why we have a screwed up perception of, and are losing great swathes of, our Australian history, culture and heritage.

In this article we have a European cemetery, probably dating between 100-150yrs, rearing its head in a central Victorian town after archaeologists excavated a proposed development site containing not the expected 2 remaining burials but 6.
This finding automatically stopped all development of the site.

In this article we have an Aboriginal meeting site, dating back 40,000 years holding untold millions of artefacts which could give us clues, answer questions and fill in the many gaps made by the attempted obliteration of Indigenous culture and heritage.
But, despite an emergency heritage order by the Federal Govt, a 4 lane by-pass will be built above it.'s ok to save 6 well-dessicated European bodies - of whom we have no flipping idea, possibly murderers, who knows?! - by ceasing all forms of development and fencing off the site but a 40,000 year old site teeming with Aboriginal artefacts, tools, weapons and untold other glorious finds is to be built over no matter what, even in spite of an emergency heritage order applied for by the Federal Govt?

Yeah, it's pretty much Black and White.


  1. Now in Blighty we treat all of our history the same, be it Roman, Norse, Celtic, Saxon, Victorian, whatever. We just build on top of it regardless.

  2. Jayne -- In the U.S. we have a law that no roadway can be built with federal funds that has archaeological importance. After a through dig and documentation of the site -- a roadway may then be built. Difficult to think that all the aboriginal artifacts will be lost. -- barbara

  3. That is such bullshit!

    It's so depressing to think that we still have so far to go... *shakes head*

  4. It's so very wrong. Will our government never learn?

  5. Too right! If they can make "Wombat Crossings", I can't see why they can't get around this to keep it in place.

    Take Care,