Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Exercise is an evil fairy dwarf who should be lynched...if we could catch the bugger

Have been doing the Battle of the Bloggers Butt.
Which involves the minimum of 2.5 hours on the freaking bike.
Every day.
Sometimes more if I've missed a day or 3.
Broken up over the course of the day...30 mins here, an hour there, another hour of torture before teatime, perhaps an extra 45 mins after tea...just for that added bonus of exhaustion making me sleep.
Sometimes works better than valerian.
Currently I cannot feel my toes.
Which is just as well that I don't use them to type or you'd be getting a pile of asjhed jw2827 dejqq HIOjoujU9UI.
And having imparted these wise words of complete babble into your shell-like ear I will hie me forth and drag this carcass to the kennel for a kip.


  1. Y'mean -- I might be able to blame my blog for my butt??

    Nah ... that wouldn't work. ;-)

  2. A kip sounds like a fine idea. Think I'll join you.

  3. And the great thing about all that exercise is, you can now eat a whole chocolate tonight and know that you won't gain any weight. Just don't eat two.

  4. Wow, you brave soul!

    As I type, there is an elliptical machine behind me, daring me to have a go.

    Yeah, good luck with that.

  5. Bikes cause so much butt hurtiness. Is that how they make the butt go away? ;-)