Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get out the whips and chairs, the clowns have escaped the circus again

I'm cross.
Damn angry.
Go read this article, have a good long look at that beautiful building and give me one good reason why it can't be recycled and retained in this day and age.
It was a storage shed, for goodness sake, but look at it...really look at it - the style, the care, the architectural grace and flair used in the creation of what was a utilitarian abode but that which pleased the passing eye.
And now it's going.
Because clowns masquerading as developers, town planners, government ministers, et el have had at our heritage.


  1. I was angry too. No, not the rail sheds. Turns out to be a non-descript shed. I can't find the details at the moment. Rather disappointed in The Age for not making it clear.

  2. Governments around the country who got in on promising big have now degenerated into money-grubbers so voters won't notice they're delivering small ...

    Ah democracy!

  3. Money talks and progress follows no matter what it is or how precious or historical :-).

  4. I love that shed and was hoping that it had been 'kept' to be used as an appropriate development. Sad but not surprised that it won't be. Bloody docklands.....

  5. You're right to be angry, Jayne.
    I read the article and saw that beautiful building. There's no reason I can see for it not to be redeveloped as a couple of small businesses, a cafe, a small apartment or three. Diversity would bring the people to the area. And with the people comes the money.

  6. http://www.stlawrencemarket.com/shopping/south.html

    sorry don't know how to make links but take a look at this site. The building in the article rang a bell ... this shows what can be done with a similar type of building.

  7. It sure is a gorgeous building Ro.. and they ought not touch it.. but, they will :( There is a pub in footscray they got theit claws into, kept the fascia, but pulled the rest of it down,. I dare say a high rise is coming up very soon.

  8. Perhaps your country is like ours. If the building is not showing a profit -- tear it down and build anew. Happens mostly in urban and suburban areas where the wealth is in location. The solution is not whips and chains but a global no growth policy. Sorry about this -- barbara