Monday, January 31, 2011

Just me...going feral in the backyard....

I was missing online yesterday...some little thing to do with flesh-melting heat of 50+ degrees (official temp was '40' but my backyard gauge read 50...then52...then I stopped reading it...)
So, I parked my butt in the blow up baby pool ( I'm working up to filling the bath and lazing under the Rainbow Lorikeet-infested plum tree...the thought of their bodily additions interrupting my soak kinda makes me hesitate...)....

Anyway, as I lowered the lardy butt into the pool ...with the obligatory gasps of "Geeeeeeze that's freakin' FREEEEEEEEzing"....some water was displaced with large waves headed down under the lime tree (although don't expect to hear of that flooding reported on the news).

The chooks were most disturbed at their stupid pink monkey invading their Secret Women's Business routine of ranging across one section of the yard to the other, scratching at any unfortunate piece of soil that their beady eyes noted had worm activity, clucking and trilling to each other, dust bathing with more grace and flair than some super-skinny supermodels and generally hiding from each other and playing "CLUCK!"

I was ensconced in the pool...water almost up to the kneecaps...if I crossed my legs in a psuedo-yoga position that didn't involve twisting myself like a pretzel and was deeply enjoying Murder In The Museum (I'll review it when I can finish it)...deep cool from the trees with a couple of beach brollies completing the shade....nice and cool...the odd gentle breeze wafting could feel the serenity...

...when I heard loud splashing.

I was sure I hadn't moved but I looked around to see where the flooding was heading and found...nothing.

More splashing.

Again I looked but found no water fleeing over the pool edge.
Louder splashing and I realised it was a cheeky Indian Myna bird bathing in one of the many plastic water containers I litter the yard with (I don't like Indian Myna birds but I won't see them suffer for want of water).
The cheeky bugger was in that water, flinging it up and over himself, dunking his head, his wings, literally shakin' his tail feathers.
I was waiting for him to start backstroking around the container, certain he was in training for the next Olympics.

He dragged himself up on the edge of the container ( shades of Hackett post-1500 metre swim) dripping water but you'd swear he had a grin on his face, fluffing his drenched feathers in the slight breeze, lifting his wings a little to get a bit cooler.
He flapped his wings a couple of times, spied the stupid pink monkey to his right gawping at him and then he took to the trees.
Where he no doubt regaled all and sundry about that bizarre human who'd taken over a perfectly good bird bath.

So, what wildlife did you entertain yesterday...?!


  1. We're getting six inches of snow and ice here tomorrow. Shall I send some your way? My son was just today pining for summer.

  2. Just reading that made me feel cooler. :-)
    Going to tell hubby 'bout the backyard bath idea, now.

  3. lol I don't think I entertained any wildlife yesterday, but glad to find your heat escape was entertaining for your whole garden-hood. There is a right royal gale blowing here today, plus it is raining- so I am not looking for any pool escape today.

  4. Not sure who's entertaining who in my backyard (still coolish, but getting warmer - only 27C)

    Have a rather large apple tree at the back fence which almost had a large crop .. until the Yellow-tail Black cockatoos discovered it. Wouldn't mind if they actually ATE the half grown apples, but they sort of take one bite, then drop the fruit on the ground.

    if I had any close neighbours 'they'd' probably be 'entertained' by me suddenly egressing from the back door, arms aflail; loudly shouting "Gerrorf me effin' tree, ars..les!!"

  5. ahhh so that's where you were.... lol

    At least we didn't have to send in the missionaries to find you ;)

  6. Haha! Trying NOT to entertain the sulphur crested cockies and locust hatchlings - that way, they'll GO AWAY!!

    Various birdbaths, sprinklers (bore water, for all you water nazis out there), and drippers enticed large numbers of birds including new holland honeyeaters, choughs, willie wagtails, mapgies, redrump parrots etc. The choughs have 'their' sprinkler - they wait under it for the magic water to appear, even though there's another one going right next to it! Go figure!!

  7. We were huddled inside yesterday, waiting for the cyclone that turned out to be a complete non-event (hurray!)
    The only wildlife in sight was our dog who is so lazy she might as well be a painting of a dog.
    Your yard sounds WAY more entertaining. Also laughing at Nomads' choughs. :)

  8. Didn't entertain any wildlife yesterday because i'm surrounded by concrete that's the drawback living in units. The nearest wildlife are down the road a piece at the footy oval/play ground too hot to go down their yesterday :-).

  9. I didn't entertain any wildlife either, but I did refill the birdbath twice and all the dishes scattered around the garden for lizards and geckos. The orange cat from over the fence drinks there too. I used to dip myself in the bathtub on and off to keep cool, but last summer the landlord had aircon installed in the lounge room, so I've been in here since yesterday morning. Slept on the couch.

  10. Watching the snow come down and anticipating far more than I really need or want -- reading your story almost wishing for your heat.

  11. Snow by the foot here, floods and heat waves over there, I'm expecting to see some eerie horsemen scaring the back-field deer any moment now...

    Anyway, thanks for reminding me to top up the sunflower-seed feeder before the next 20 cm falls.