Monday, January 17, 2011

Once upon a time, in a bargain book bin not-so-very-far-away....

Doo bee doo bee dooooo.
If you didn't bother reading my review of Beyond The Pale (and I'm not mentioing it here because you have to) you haven't missed anything.
I'm still mentally scouring my brain clean of the images it planted there, currently using a cheap history/ghost/reincarnation romance mystery from the depths of the bargain book bin.
And you know there isn't going to be any masterpiece inside those covers cos it's a bargain book bin in the local supermarket.

Bacon, Shakespeare, Byron, Shelley and Wordsworth all took a solemn vow to never, ever darken the doorstep of a supermarket bargain bin and, they're mightily happy to report, they have yet to go back on their word.

Sad thing is I have an unwritten rule that I have to park my arse on the bastardbike if I want to read any of the books, a sort of enticement to get the exercise happening, and now I find myself hankering to read the next chapter in this cheap, written-by-numbers mystery with umpteen questions jumping through my head.
Will she zone out into her 17th century former self whilst inspecting the Lord of the Manor's stables?
Will she find out who is buried in the courtyard?
Will she ever weed her freakin' garden?
But most important of all....
Will she zone out whilst inspecting the Lord of the Manor?


  1. Thats an interesting unwritten rule have you started cycling?? I have been working my way through Pryne Fisher mysteries and have three books to go before I have read them all.

  2. When i retired my doctor advised me to walk for about 30 minutes a day to keep everything in working order and it works just fine. You can't go past Agatha Christie murder/mysteries i've been reading/rereading them ever since my school days.

  3. That's a great idea to get exercise. Helps combat the boredom, unless it is a boring book you are reading, of course.

    I love that you call it "bastardbike".

    Thanks for popping in today.

  4. Whatever do you mean? I've found several good books in our supermarket bargain bin. Authors such as Grace Monroe, CJ Box, and even Karin Slaughter and Kathy Reichs, although the last two are now shelved with the more expensive books, while the bargain bin only has three for $10 stuff, but still worth sorting through.
    Do you actually pedal or just sit on the bike? Because that's what I would do, I'd be so caught up in the story there'd be no pedalling at all after about a minute.