Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pointing the finger at those who got up my nose

Shall I tell you the reasons behind my Ranty McRanty post last night?
I shall.
There are halfwits in this world who amaze me with their ignorant stupidity as regards people battling cancer, disabled kids, bullying and funding.
Let's take a certain LARGE commercial bank who returns mega amounts of profits to it's shareholders who have been telling a couple, the husband fighting cancer, unable to work, in hospital 5 hours away from home while the wife stays with him and their young toddler unable to work, facing bankruptcy - that cancer isn't a hardship.
They didn't qualify for hardship considerations.
But they did qualify for several phone calls Every.Single.Day, hassling them for money they didn't have.
Thankfully a twitter campaign has seen a change of heart and a renewed look into their case.
But it shouldn't have happened in the first place.
The pathetic fools who think it's clever to bag the crap out of Tyler Fishlock and his mother, Georgette.

I'm not going to give you the links you can go gurgle them for yourself, they're certainly freely available online just like the piss-weak comments these blogs attracted from under a rock or 3.
And if any of you trolls are reading this, please feel free to use the same gutter language when bleating about me as you did when describing Georgette Fishlock - cos while you might think I'm a c**t like her I'm happy to think we both have bigger pairs of balls than any of you.

Yes, any parent would fight for their child battling a disease.
Yes, any parent would battle for their disabled child having to navigate a mainstream school without assistance or funding.
Yes, any parent would battle for their child to NOT be bullied in the school.
I welcomed the media coverage of Tyler being bullied.
Because too often bullying is swept under the carpet, with claims the victim is over-reacting and little gets done to stop it.
The squeals of horror from one blogger at the suggestion that Tyler's bully be expelled from a school at age SIX!
Goodness, petal, consider the little bastard bully who tormented my son for years - he'd been expelled from his first school at age FIVE.
And certainly not with the help of any media coverage so I guess he must have REALLY screwed up to get that treatment, hey?! 

This bully, and others, are getting no favours done for them by the teachers and other parents turning a blind eye (pun not intended) to their behaviour.
The victims are traumatised and should not have to 'get over' or 'man up' or 'deal' with bullying - those who believe Georgette Fishlock is too much in the media - stiffus shitus.
Are you going to go and fight for that child's rights?
Are you going to go and deal with the schoolyard bullies?
Are you going to take on the Federal Govt, like Georgette Fishlock did, to point out how inadequate carer's funding is?
Are you going to 'man up' and get the ear of the politicans to explain how much money they save by carers looking after the frail, aged, disabled at home?
Are you going to grow a pair of balls and realise that disabled children DO need a little bit of specialised care, that they DO need a bit of extra attention if they're to cope in a mainstream school setting with minimal/no funding?
Cos they have no other schooling options.
Go and gurgle how many state-run blind schools exist.
*crickets chirping*
Yeah, that's right
There is a private one that parents have been fighting to open for over 2 years, needing just a little extra funding from the (former) State Govt.
Wouldn't it be shocking to think other private independent schools had to fight to get similar funding...?
Oh, wait.
They don't.

Since the (former) State Govt shifted the goal posts on the criteria on who was and wasn't eligible for assistance funding there are MANY disabled children in mainstream schools who get no extra help both in the classroom and in the schoolyard.
But shouldn't they be in a disabled school if they need so much help? you ask.
Well, once upon a time the govt realised that if they restricted the amount of children eligible for special schooling they could save mega moolah.
So, you have a bajillion children who aren't disabled enough to attend a special school and aren't disabled enough to qualify for funding in the (overcrowded) mainstream school.
But they DO have a restrictive disability and have to flounder in the mainstream system; creating frustrated unhappy children who can become bullies and/or victims, lashing out at others due to their situation.

So, next time Georgette Fishlock or any other parent bangs on long and loud in the media for funding for disabled kids and protection from bullies I for one will be shouting hooray.
If only to drown out you sad, sorry misbegotten miserable sacks of shit without a single functioning brain cell between your ears.
Have a nice day, now!


  1. "Your balls are always bouncing to the left and to the right. It's my belief that your big balls should be held every night"

    Sing it, Sista!

  2. Yee-haa! May just have to point this post out to the GOFA. How can anyone dump on a cancer patient or survivor? EVERYONE knows someone who has had/is suffering some form of cancer. And everyone probably knows someone with a physical or intellectual disability. Narrow minded gits.

  3. Good rant. I don't have disabled kids but I do have bullied kids, and it's hard enough for them without facing the additional problems caused by trying to navigate mainstream schooling with a disability.
    The parents of bullies should have to suffer a bit, in my view. Don't make it easy for them by excusing their kids.

  4. A mother of a disabled child phrased it so: a mother with a disabled child wears her guts on her outside.

    I understood. Immediately.

  5. I'm continually appalled by how many essential services are reliant on volunteers, low-paid employees and extended family networks. And yet, there always seems to be money available for sports stadia and the like; non-essentials like the NBN; and development.

    Your posts are right on the money, Jayne. But I wonder what alternative there is to current (state and fed) government - opposition certainly hasn't done anything to make me think they'd do things differently.

  6. People are turds. Big banks are too.

  7. Bring it *on* Jayne, I love it. (Stands and applauds)

  8. mm, that post was somewhat 'uncharacteristic', but yup. Understood.

    One of the things that fascinates me IS words; the use thereof, and the subliminal resonances - yer, I know, bear with me on this.

    Have, quietly and without success, argued that there was no real reason to change the perception from "handicapped" to "disabled".

    Think on this; horseracing analogy.
    The BEST, most able, horses are handicapped. given weights to slow them down.
    drag them down into some sort of 'equality'.

    Just playing with conceptual words - but if i had a preference - would rather be 'handicapped', not 'dis-abled'.