Friday, January 28, 2011

Too much media coverage of cancer battlers? Kiss my arse.

I declare there are some seriously screwed up fruitloops out there.
Let me state from the outset...those who bleat and whinge and crap on about cancer fighters being "too much" in the media - suck shit.

No, I'm not having a go at anyone or any blogger in particular - it's more the ignorant idiots who comment on news/blog articles relating to those who are battling cancer.

Cancer is a mongrel; if all you have to whine about is 'too much media coverage' of people fighting to survive a disease then you're a sad sack of shit that needs to grow the fuck up.
And, yes, I've read your pathetic little blatherings on the net, you scum-sucking toe rags.

As for the misunderstanding of a childcare worker who was or was not permitted by her workplace to shave her head to raise funds/awareness of leukaemia  - give me a freakin' break.

This is 2011 peoples.
It.Is.A.Given that those who CAN will sacrifice for Those.Who.CAN'T.

Gawd, what a horror head!

I shaved my head for my mum in 1998.
Not to raise awareness or funds but to make her feel a little better cos her thick, wavy hair was coming out by the handful on her 3rd (and final) bout of radiation and chemo treatment.
It hadn't dropped out on her first two lots of treatment but the last tango with the bastard mongrel saw her defences down and her self-esteem took a battering at the hair loss.
I accompanied her to good old Peter Mac Hospital (those nurses frigging rock) on several ocassions and was moved to tears by cancer patients offering me seats, thinking my thin frame (yes, I was once) and my uber-short hair was due to the bastard mongrel cancer.

I was also moved to tears to hear a screwed up, uptight, middle aged WASP arsehole behind me in line in a local Oakleigh shop one day complaining LOUDLY to his wife about "that bloody dyke in front".
To give her her due, his wife did suggest "She might have cancer...".
To which the piece of self-important shit claimed,
"I don't care, those people with cancer don't flaunt themselves like that bitch" !!!
I took great pleasure in taking my time at the counter, getting served by shop assistants who have become old family friends who asked how my mother's cancer treatment was going and if she'd bucked up after I'd shaved my head while the male ego squirmed beside me.
And, yeah, she got a damn good giggle at my shaved head.
Which was worth far more than any farked up idiot's idea of 'acceptable' hair fashion.

That was 12 and  a half years ago.

If a child or an adult has battled the bastard mongrel cancer - in whatever form - and you find the need to whine your sad, saggy little arse off about the attention or care or media coverage or funding that person/family might gain .....

...think of the stress, the gallons of tears shed, the grey hairs earned at the bedside, the lost playtimes in the schoolyard, the coffee mornings with girlfriends missed, the beer o'clocks missed with mates  the thousands of kilometres travelled between hospital and home to visit/have treatment/meetings/conferences by the whole family, the missed moments with loved ones, the ulcerated guts from the treatment, the vomiting from the food, the headaches, the aching bones, the screaming joints, the incontinence, the coughing fits, the vision loss, the hearing loss,...........

the weight loss, the food supplements costing the earth, the extra treats to tempt the appetite, trying to explain to the healthy children WHY you can't afford the extras you pay for the sick child to eat, explaining that the sick child ISN'T the favourite, the extra bed linen, the extra creams, the extra bed you sleep on in the hospital overnight, the extra...everything....

Can you make the decision which of your children gets the extras you can not afford....

put yourself in the suffering child's place....

...just for a second....

...because they'd be grateful for even a moment's respite from this living hell....

And then try to tell us there's too much media coverage of cancer battlers.....


  1. There are scum bucket oxygen thieves spouting this shite?


  2. Can't say I have heard much of this anti media coverage of cancer. Funny, my father used to refer his cancer as 'the mongrel'.

  3. Well, all joking aside, we can get pretty stinking annoying sometimes. I had a woman in my line yesterday. I recognized her and said, "How are you doing?" and she went into a long story about her latest stay at the hospital, and the findings that she has congestive heart failure atop of everything else. I said, "I'm sorry to hear that," whilst thinking, 'the last thing this poor woman needs is another serious problem...' and she looked at me and said, 'Why be sorry for me? I'm doing well?' as if I was a moron. There are a breed of cancer people who want to talk about their disease, which is helpful and cathartic, and lord knows I can talk the leg off a piano, but then there are those who want to tell you all of that, but expect a response, and that response is all about praising them. How brave they are, how strong they are...some people are quite tiresome to be around.

    That sounds terrible, doesn't it? Am I going straight to hell?

  4. Yes, B, there are self-satisfied smart arses who think they're being uber-clever by shitting all over a kid who survived cancer.

    Andrew, I suggest you go read one of your previously perused blogs.
    Something along the lines of wooden spoon or something. It's only one of many.

    Debby, those who need the praise are often so freaking scared they need reassurance they're still here and have won the battle, while the rest of the survivors deserve every.little.bit.of.attention as is their right.