Sunday, January 16, 2011

When the Darling flood waters hit the Murray....

Got my eyes on the floods in Central Victoria at the moment as our immediate neighbour is cut off from leaving the town, is a diabetic, reliant on regular meds for other conditions and not long finished fighting cancer.
From what info I'm getting Dunolly is still pretty much isolated with almost all roads closed, most likely Burnt Creek will have flooded yet again across both our land and both ends of the road, doubly isolating him.
Have not been able to raise him on the phone, hoping he got out of Dodge at the first raindrop.
Roads between Melbourne and Adelaide are closed due to floods and a quick gurgle of what might happen when the flood waters from the Darling hit the Murray threw up this little scary prospect.
So, it aint over til it's over, apparently!

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Beyond The Pale by John Hooker.


  1. Yes I just read about the roads being closed btw Melb & Adelaide, scary stuff. My bestie just got back from over there, I'm glad he did coz he leaves soon to go back to Europe. We're now a very wet country.

  2. I read this morning about the road between Melbourne and Adelaide being closed and now I'm worried. Will the flood waters reach this far? Should I start packing up my treasures and sending them to my sister in the dry north of SA? It's a reasonably remote circumstance that Adelaide would be flooded, but that doesn't stop me from worrying. On top of all the worrying about Queensland and Victoria.

  3. Lets not forget all the river towns along the Darling/Murray - parts of them will go under when the floodwaters come down.

  4. I know I'm offbeat here but I kept thinking of how much ground will be shifted for the junior archaeologist.
    I think that the neighbour would have been on a 'first out' list but it'll be nice to hear he's okay.

  5. I hope your neighbour is okay. All that water coming down is a bit of a scary thought. :\

  6. Thinking of you down there... and feel the anxiety. I understand...

  7. Belated Happy New Year Jayne. I was wondering how you were with all this flooding. What I have seen on the news has been heartbreaking. My thoughts are with you and I hope your neighbour is okay and that no more lives are lost with the amount of flooding going on.