Thursday, January 6, 2011

You make me sick

I was going to dig around and throw you up some historical events like these two fab articles on Aussie wine making history HERE and HERE but....
There are massive floods happening in the north while the west remains in drought.
These are huge flood waters, the largest seen by modern man within recorded history at any rate and yet it goes against the grain to wish further predicted storms and rainfall away out to sea when the west is so desperate for the damn stuff.
And, instead of putting their bucks into something decent like piping the much-needed water where it should go (cos umpteen pollies haven't a clue how to organise a fart at a curry eating contest) or organising food/clothing donations/collections or housing for those effected by the floods or, heck, even climbing on the bandwagon and LOUDLY encouraging people to donate to the flood crisis retail billionaires are too consumed with angst at this new-fangled interwebs shizzle.
One of those same retail billionaires has even proclaimed, in the recent past, that donating to charities is a waste  as those in need, like the homeless, do nothing to contribute to society.
These floods are hitting Every.Single.Industry in Queensland which is having a domino effect in driving the Aussie dollar down, which effects the economy.
Sugarcane, fruit, vegetables, coal, cotton....$100 million per DAY is being lost in coal exports alone.
And for those who claim coal is a dirty fuel source anyway your hip pocket is already being hit with food prices creeping upwards in response to the massive food shortage that's happening right before your eyes.
Remember Cyclone Larry that decimated the banana supplies?
The cyclone destroyed 80–90% of Australia's banana crop. Australia is relatively free of banana pests and diseases, and therefore does not allow bananas to be imported. Bananas were in short supply throughout Australia for the remainder of 2006, which increased prices across the country by 400–500%

Farmers, graziers, Joe Blow in town, the tourism industry, anyone and everyone has been and will continue to be hit and hit damn hard by the outcome of these floods.
And the flow-on effect of the lack of products, like coal, will be felt around the world with prices pushed ever skywards.
But, not to worry, big retail giants are more determined to do something about that pesky GST loophole.
Cos their hip pockets are being hit by a mere trickle of online consumers while those hit by floods will have to get on with living in the real world.


  1. "Gerry Harvey may have a personal fortune of about $1.6 billion but the Harvey Norman founder thinks donating to charity is "just wasted"."

    Please, if there is a God, let the recession hit this bastard hard! owe me one.

  2. It is greediness and ignorance.

  3. I have yet toe hear any public sympathy for Harvey, Lew et al.

  4. None of these retail giants will get any sympathy from me.

    The top end makes squillions $$$$, while those much lower who actually do the work in at least one store I know, can't have decently maintained working equipment.

    I'll donate for flood relief, but I will also continue to shop online because it's cheaper and I'm poor(ish).