Sunday, February 27, 2011

Careful, you never know what kind of person could turn into a bunny boiler in a heartbeat

Finally had a spare moment to drag the Feral Aspie kidlet in to explore the Queen Victoria Market.
He hasn't been there for a few years now (since my good friend surprised us with a visit from interstate *snort*) so we did the whole touristy thing.
But first, I did the mumsy thing...and checked out the delish fresh meat and fish section.
The prices in there put our local wholesale butchers to shame (and even they are cheap compared to many suburban butchers) then the fish prices had tempura-dressed fillets and prawns dancing through my head as I eyed off super fresh super cheap yummy goodness.

Then, we stumbled over a great chicken shop which was also selling underground mutton aka rabbit.
I casually asked feral child if he'd like to try it which he said yes.
I currently have it burbling away in a pot full of stock, vegies, sauteed onions, mushies and herbs.
I almost choked paying money for one of the damn things the ex used to shoot every night (and feed to the dogs after I'd gutted and dressed the carcass. Yes, the fur comes off cleanly with just a single cut...and why are people protesting the use of rabbit fur in clothing when they are a noxious pest endangering our native flora and fauna?).
So, yeah.
I bought the kid a bunny today.
Tonight I became a bunny boiler....
*insert maniacal laughter here*


  1. When R retires, I will insist he catch the tram with the shopping jeep in tow to Vic Market.

  2. Oh yes, and rabbit stew. Glad I am not invited.

  3. We had a neighbour that used to make excellent Kentucky Fried Rabbit - the secret, apparently, was the soaking in milk for 24 hours...

  4. LOl @ Andrew. My Nanna used to cook her rabbit stew so nice.. we never complained. Well, until she told us what it was. haha.
    I work right near the vic market and do not go there, I ought to.. shall do, next week.

  5. Jayne -- why do you have so many rabbits destroying your plants?? Were they introduced or do you not have natural predators, like coyotes, for them? -- barbara

  6. Rabbits are nothing but vermin and pests destroying the natural Australian Flora and Fauna i agree, just like feral cats both should be eliminated, the First Fleet from pommy land has a lot to answer for :-).

  7. Much fresher than suburban greengrocers, Andrew.
    I'll save you a plate of bunny stew, shall I?

    I have heard that before, Jeannie, I'm just not organised enough to plan ahead for the soaking bit.
    Will try to remember next time.

    Around 12.30 -1pm they start marking down the prices on their meat, fish, fruit and veg, Cazzie, on a Sunday (we discovered) perfectly good produce but not open on Mondays so they have to get rid of it ;)

    Barbara - rabbits were introduced and have few natural predators here(apart from the introduced fox, the endangered native Quoll and now extinct(?) Tassie Tiger) and out-eat native fauna into extinction while wiping out the native flora.

    Yep, exactly, Windsmoke ;)

  8. Rabbit: yum! I like the term "underground mutton".