Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb 15 On This Day in Oz History...I'll have a black tea, no sugar, ta.

In 1823 James McBrien was told to belt up when he found the first bits of gold at Fish River, near Bathurst.

People in St Mary's, Sydney reported seeing UFOs in 1998; two bright orange fireballs tootling from Richmond RAAF towards the Army base at Hol(l)sworthy.

South Oz was deprived of a great pollie in 1979 when Don Dunstan resigned from office as Premier.

Stephen Brady became the world's first openly gay ambassador in 1999 when he presented his partner to Queen Margreth II of Denmark.

The Evening Post shouted from its very typeface in 1935 that Australia had taken an early lead over New Zealand in the second croquet test.
Cannot find results, we'll be left....forever hanging...never to know if Miss Morrison ever got over being whipped by Hartnell (of New Zealand)...never to know who chose to bat first in the next test...if croquet has 6 balls in an over or if they change goalposts after each quarter....

1997 finally saw the dedication of the site for the Australian Service Nurses National Memorial, which was unveiled more than two years later in Oct 1999.

The Waikato Times tattled, in 1879, that 'miles of fencing have been destroyed by fire on the Upper Murray'.
No idea, newspaper archives refused to cough up the details, go research it yourself.

The world was never the same after The Facts Of Life Down Under went to air in 1987.
Wrong, on so many levels.


  1. Damn I missed the facts of life down under. I used to love that programme lol.....Hey your PM has popped over for a visit to NZ. Shame she isn't allowed to speak in parliament. One of the smaller parties have not given permission to speak.

  2. Re the croquet: it was a "triangular" series, England vs. Australia vs. New Zealand. You lot won the second test, therefore eliminating us from the shield and third test. Although I see we played a third test agasinst Australia, and were defeated again.

    No worries, I think we've forgiven you by now, though ... ;-)

  3. LOL Janine, you only say that coz you haven't heard her speak!

    Gawd, Lisa, that croquet crowd got serious about their mallets and balls!
    I've seen Midsomer Murders, I know how dangerous those mallet-wielding sociaty madames could be!

  4. *society even *rolls eyes at self*

  5. Feb. 15th: on this day 38 years ago, my firstborn welcomed the dawn with her first cry.

    "Hollsworthy" is spelled Holdsworthy, I know this because I've lived there.

  6. Happy birthday to your bub, River.
    No, it's actually spelt Holsworthy.

  7. I remember something about the UFO sightings.... OMG! I must be getting old!!

  8. LOL, B.
    Next thing you know you'll have to get a service and oil change like your broomstick :P

  9. You're right; how did that "d" get in there? must have hit both keys at once.....