Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb 27 On this day in the dusty archives....

How excitment, peoples.
The blogging conference is only 3 weeks away...eeeeek!
I have nothing to wear...well, I have these lovely shoes that were sent to me but little else.
D'you think they'd notice if I wore nothing above the ankles....?

109 years ago, on this day in 1902 to be precise, Breaker Morant and Lt Handcock were shot by firing squad militarily murdered.

The Daily Telegraph was bleating in 1883 that Young Australia was far too occupied with sport.
Most probably penned by a tangle-footed, ack-handed, addle-headed mugwort of an excuse for a sportsman.

Today was known as Black Monday back in 1865 not because they voted against Blue Monday by New Order but due to the sirocco which dragged a dust storm and dumped on Castlemaine, Sandhurst (Bendigo) and Melbourne.

Lionel Rose became the first Indigenous Australian boxer to win the Bantamweight Champion of the world on this day in 1968.
Listen to him singing I Thank You and Pick Me Up On Your Way Down.

Jules Sébastien César Dumont d'Urville, French explorer, was on a sailing jaunt in these parts in 1839, saw the light on in New Holland so he thought he'd pop in.

Ahhh, Capital Punishment (so horrific it warrants Capital Letters) was given its first airing on this day in 1788 in Oz when Thomas Barrett gave a public demonstration of How To Dance At The End Of A Rope.


  1. o, Jayne .. ya hafta cease .. it's "undignified" to laugh out loud (while thinking 'erk!')

  2. Wear your frilly nightie Jayne. We'll all be so busy hugging and nattering, no one will notice anyone's clothes anyway.

    I remember those Lionel Rose songs. They were on the A and B side of a 45rpm record, which I bought the same week it was released. I still have it somewhere.

  3. Jayne... I guess the question is.... are you brave enough to try it and see?

  4. I'll post you over a couple of old feedsacks out of the shed. Better send some gumboots as well. The heels won't match. That or come up with a new proverb maybe

    "Women who wear nothing above the ankles become millionaires"

    There you go that should get em talking.

  5. LOL Dave ;)

    Yep, we've got the same old 45 in our collection, River, he wasn't too shabby as a singer, could have made a career from it.

    I am, Kiwi, cos I've seen what I look like, the question comes anyone game to peek between their fingers? *snort*

    LOL Liz, the feedsacks would do the trick just perfectly!
    I love the new saying pmsl ;)