Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 16 on this day in history

The first Governor-General of Oz, Sir Charles FitzRoy, did pop his clogs in a not-so-merry way when he fell off the perch in 1858.

The Taranaki Herald whispered in 1904 about Dowie and the fact he "had a hot time in the old town" in Sydney with more catcalls and squealing than at a Justin Beiber concert.
John Alexander Dowie wasn't quite the pop star...

The Hawke's Bay Herald trumpeted in 1880 that Aussie butter was getting flogged for 120s cwt (120 shillings per carat centum weight* - which,as far as I can tell, is based on the measurement of the minimum requirement of milk fat) while 150 former colonists guts themselves silly onboard the Strathleven which had just succesfully transported the first shipment of frozen meat across the world.

The Seaplane Squadron was foaled out at the Point Cook RAAF Base in 1934.

The Evening Post was getting its knickers in a twist about something to do with the San Francisco mail service in 1872.
Can't be certain, I was snoring by the 3rd paragraph (the content, not the quality of the report) but Oz wouldn't play ball with NZ.
And we've continued that tradition with the underarm bowling incident...

Fab Aussie writer, poet and playwright Hal Porter was pupped on this day in 1911 in Albert Park,  near South Melbourne.
Happy 100th birthday, Hal.

2007 saw Sylvester Stallone busted in Oz with vials of human growth hormone.
Cos he's a growing lad...

1869 saw Sir Henry Parkes (the Father of Federation) spouting off in his speech to the Legislative Assembly.
Go on, go read it.
You know it'll cure your insomnia...

*Thanks, Time Spanner ;)


  1. Wow 2007 sly was busted, it only seemed like last year. Gosh now i feel like the years are whizzing by.

  2. A bit of Aussie humour for you... cheeky but clever ;-)

  3. They ARE rushing past too quickly, Janine!

    LMAO Kiwi!
    That is a classic!

    I'll include the link HERE.

  4. Did they not have any meat in England?

    And I'll save the insomnia test for later tonight ...

    Have a great day!!

  5. I think they were partial to the old two tooth (mutton) Red, a damn sight sweeter than their underground mutton (rabbit) and not as tough as the flying rats (pigeon).

  6. And on this day 36 years ago, my second baby was born and astounded the nurses with the length and dark colour of his eyelashes. Happy Birthday M.
    The years certainly are whizzing by way too fast.

  7. Poor old Sly... I guess he heard we grew them tough down here lol