Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17 On This Day in History...pass the Iced Vo-Vos...

 The Banjo, aka well-loved Aussie wordsmith Andrew Barton Paterson (who adopted the name of his family's racehorse decades before Indiana Jones borrowed his dog's name), was pupped in 1864 at Narrambla, NSW.

The Taranaki Herald was being very diplomatic in 1881 when it quietly announced that the Aussies had been knocked over after a pitiful 154 runs (and not a Ponting in sight!).

The Sydney Gazette shared on its front page that, in 1816, the first Ceylonese family banished to Australia had arrived on board HM Kangaroo.

1853 saw the birth of a well-bred young female, known by the title of Miss Emmaline, in Babraham, Cambridgeshire, UK before she immigrated to Oz to reside with Mr.J. Brown.

Lord Howe Island was innocently sitting in the ocean, soaking up the sun when Lieutenant Henry Ball(wonder what his mates called him? Ballsy Hal? Hank le Billiard? Crystal Ball Gypsy Harry?) tripped over it in 1788 whilst commanding the ship HMAS Supply en route to that popular holiday resort Norfolk Island and promptly named it after some bloke.

Henry Mullineaux broked the law in 1865 when he hopped on board the Confederate Cruiser ship the CSS Shenandoah while it was docked for repairs in Williamstown and made his mark against many others to become Oz & NZ veterans of the American Civil War.


  1. what are vo-vo's? I had a giggle when I found that Miss Emmaline was not of the human variety.

  2. Iced Vo-Vo's! I haven't had those since last winter. Mmmm.

    I didn't know that about a Ceylonese family. I thought in the 1800's only convicts and Englishmen were coming out here.

    My mum would have been 85 today if she'd lived. Seems February is a popular birth month in our family...two more next week.

  3. Oh, declare it a public holiday!! ABP is my hero - Clancy of the Overflow is words to live by ...

  4. LOL Janine, thought it would tickle readers funny bones ;)
    An Iced Vo Vo is a spesh bikkie, picture and history HERE

    Indeed, Windsmoke!

    Happy birthday to your mum, River, I'm sure she'd have had a lovely day :)

    There was movement at the station, Red, for word had passed around that the colt from old Regret had got away....