Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18 On This Day in Iced Vo Vos but I can do you a Tim Tam or Vegemite sanga?

The MCG was hosting the test cricket match between South Africa and Oz in 1911 when former Oz captain who had leapt the fence to play for the Old Dart, Billy Murdoch, turned up his toes during the lunch interval.

The Marlborough Express, in 1893, succinctly stated how both Tamworth and Toowoomba were out of railway and telegraph communication reach due to floods which had 'surpassed the last one'.

Operation Jericho was off to a flying start in 1944 when 19 de Havilland Mosquitos (comprising of RAF, RAAF and RNZAF pilots)  took off to bomb the walls of a Gestapo prison to liberate French political prisoners; of the 700 held there 258 managed to escape.

John McDonald was another Melbournian who chose to chance it aboard the CSS Shenandoah; he popped out of his hiding place after the ship had sailed on this day in 1865, becoming another of the OZ & NZ veterans of the American Civil War.

 D'Arcy Wentworth Uhr, policeman, prospector, drover, found not guilty for cattle stealing and organiser of reprisals against Aboriginal People (a PC way of saying revenge attacks) popped his clogs on this day in 1907.

Bust out the popcorn and shove your mates in the car boot!
The first drive-in theatre opened in Oz at 6.30pm on this date in 1954; the Skyline Drive-in in Burwood, Melbourne.

A lad by the name of King Oscar was pupped on this day in 1856; being of a lowly state his fate was in the hands of others and, thus, he was sold to Mr Broadie and travelled to Oz where he spent the remainder of his days.


  1. Elizabeth aka Bunty was amazing. There are so many stories of brave woman like her that us younger generation are starting to find out about. Ahhh thanks for the Ice Vo Vo update. I thought it was an iceblock. Must admit I like raspberry and coconut so it seems I might like the vo vo's. I do know what a tim tam is lol

  2. Jeepers girl you have been busy pumping out the blog posts lately. Too hot to go outside over there huh?

  3. A timtam sanga? I don't think it'll catch on ...

  4. Must be a toasted Vegemite sandwich followed by a couple of Tim Tams as a chaser Yummmmmy :-).

  5. I still hate vegemite and marmite. YUK.

    Tim Tams yeah I like em. I'll go and feed those damned vegemite sadwiches to the Terrorist now. She's looking at me through the window.LOL

  6. I'm wondering if this King Oscar lad is the one the canned herrings/sardines are named for?

  7. I'll have to hunt up a packet, got cravings now, Janine lol.

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    Wait, abouts a deep fried Tim Tam sanga with bacon and peanut butter and 2 min noodles....?

    Niiiiice, Windsmoke ;)

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