Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 19 On This Excruciatingly Thrilling Day in Oz History...

.....Henry Ramsay graced our idiot boxes for his debut appearance in 1987.
Yes, with such a fabulous start how could I possibly hope to continue these dizzying heights of excitement...?

The Australian Corps Signal Company was formed in 1918.

This day in 1980 saw the sad demise of one of rock's enduring legends - Bon Scott passed away.

1900 and the USA took formal possession of American Samoa as a Naval Station.

Thousands of spectators crammed into the Kings Oak Speedway in 1928 to eyeball the latest mad craze to shift from Oz - the uber dangerous dirt track racing.

In 1943 the Militia Bill was passed along with the metamucil which made all Aussie troops available to Gen. Douglas MacArthur in the Pacific Campaign.

Sky News Australia was spawned on this day in 1996.
Are you thrilled down to your cotton socks yet?

Darwin was bombed twice  on this day in 1942 with deaths far exceeding the originally quoted 15 and the later revised 243.

Eileen O'Connor, the next possible Aussie saint, was delivered by the stork in Richmond (Struggletown), Melbourne in 1892.
Read about yet another ballsy gal who took on Rome to establish Our Lady's Nurses For The Poor.

Sadly, no impeccably bred lads or lassies were calved on this day.


  1. Interesting about Our Lady's Nurses. I have a bit of a post written about a certain maternity hospital for the poor in Sydney written.

  2. Amazing that the Darwin bombing is such a little-known piece of history. My parents and MIL say they heard virtually nothing about it when the war was actually on - and what they DID hear was really played down.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. My Poppy Bill was there for every single air raid in Darwin. Then, he went to Papua New Guinea.. as if the men had not seen enough... thanks for those updates. It makes me remember so much xoxo

  4. Henry Ramsay - now there's a character to add to the dramatic firmament. Right up there with Othello and Hedda Gabler...

  5. I wondered who the heck Henry Ramsay was, the surname should have given me a clue. In the early days I used to watch that prog. When Charlene was in it lol.

    I had no clue that Darwin was bomed. Whilst I know a smidgen of Australian history I am learning more thanks to you.

    Loved reading about Eileen O'Connor

  6. The Darwin bombing by the Japs is kept quiet because the Australian army behaved disgracefully. They ran away, grabbing vehicles to flee south.
    Citizens fled too, but the army was well ahead of them.