Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20 On this day in history where we discuss female bits like cloacas, bum nuts and general rural rude health

I am compiling these tid-bits to the background chorus of clucking chooks who are carrying on as if shifting the equivalent of a watermelon through your cloaca is momentous or something....
Having a bucolic moment, very good for the soul.

The Taranaki Herald reported in 1900 that, while two men arguing over the war ended in the murder of one in Charters Towers on the other hand it wasn't Bubonic Plague like they'd suspected on a ship in port.
The Laboratory giveth and the war taketh away..

In 1961 Lt O'Day got the working day off to a start by landing his  plane in a tree.
As you do.

The Timaru Herald declared in 1895 that those on the Oz side of the ditch were claiming that sharing a treaty over a few bottles of plonk with those on the NZ side of the ditch would 'retard Federation".
How abouts we let those Kiwis piff a few of their apples at the silly Aussies in question...?

John Glenn was tossed up in a basket nineteen times as high as the moon...wait, NASA had managed to retro fit rockets to that there basket to get Glenn up in space to become the first bloke to orbit the earth.
And to gaze at the lights of aliens Perth and Rockingham as everyone had left their porch light on for him.

A Grand Duchess was delivered by the cabbage patch fairy in Adelaide in 1852.
A pretty hefty fairy by my reckoning.

This is the latest slab of delicious gorgeousness the spouse has bought at gem club, he'll be fashioning it into several pieces of yumminess.
It's Tiger Eye, by the way, but not the lethal one.
The yellow/gold colour in the stone is a glittery gold-like material (not actual gold) and it does glitter in the sun.


  1. At this rate those pickinators will rule the entirety of Australia. I'm thinking here they're in league with my lot sitting by the doorstep there giving me the evil eye. The left me a deposit on my gumboot. Nice that real nice. Great post Jayne.

  2. Did you hear the John Glenn quote about going into orbit?

    Darn - I just googled it to get it right and discovered QI was wrong...


  3. Oooo pretty tigers eye!

    Planes are meant to be landed in trees? Has anyone ever told all those tree-less airports they iz doing it wrong?

  4. Tiger Eye is one of my favourites and that's a pretty piece.