Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21 on this thrilling day in history...

....I've been rooting through the archives for your entertainment education again.

Adelaide lad Howard Florey dropped off the perch in 1968.
Not for want of a bit o' mould.

The Grey River Argus proclaimed in 1881 that John Almao of Dunedin had been awarded a second order of merit, from the Melbourne Exhibition, for his model aerial tramway, while Reid and Duncan, civil engineers from Dunedin, received an Honourable Mention for their plain wire rope railway.
Well, I found it interesting...

Niberlooner was renamed Sullivan's Cove (Tassie) on this date in 1804 when Lt David Collins cast his baby blues over the area.
Not to be confused with Sullivan Bay, Victoria, a settlement Lt David Collins named and abandoned after 7 months.

The Wanganui Herald whispered in 1894 how Mr. Hindle, MLA of Lithgow, denounced Parliament for containing drunken blackguards.
One feels that Mr. Hindle was holding himself back, not really letting rip and tellin' like it was....

The Cenotaph in Martin Place was unveiled in 1929 on what was the anniversary of the Light Horse entering Jericho.

2009 saw the very last race at Cheltenham Park Racecourse in Adelaide.Sold for $85 million for housing development.

The cat was out of the bag when a particular gossip from Penwortham told the press of the vile events of 1840 when a shepherd promised a starving Indigenous woman a sheep in exchange for sex which he neglected to fulfill then, later forced to face the woman's rightly angry relatives, he killed her.

Fleet of foot fellow Ron Clarke was pupped on this day in 1937.

Two Indigenous men were murdered by a policeman in Central Australia in 1891.

Now trot on over to Mad Bush Farm and read the fabulous research Liz has done into Australia's first African elephant, Dumbo.


  1. There's a lot of fuss about the Cheltenham Racecourse. Many people think it should be made into a wetlands area that provides recycled water for gardens, similar to what our Salisbury council has done.

  2. There's no reason why education can't be entertaining, is there? IS THERE??? If so, my blog's in BIG trouble ...

  3. "Niberlooner"? The crazy fella next door? No wonder they wanted to change its name.