Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23 trivial hysterical happenings...

Yes, yes, I missed a day.
That was yesterday, get over and move forward (as Joolya said to Kevvie whilst removing the knife from his back...).

Oz PM Curtin drafted a cable to UK PM Churchill venting his spleen in 1942.
Done in the best posssssss-ible taste, of course.

AC/DC filmed the video for It's A Long Way To The Top (if you wanna Chicko Roll/sausage roll) (If you wanna Rock 'n' Roll) in the middle of Melbourne in 1976.

Rev. John MacFarlane, in 1840, sashayed down to the beach and there conducted the first Presbyterian service in New Zealand.

The Timaru Herald spread the word that a sailmaker in Sydney had popped his clogs due to Bubonic Plague in 1900...and kept up the cheefullness with news of a destructive fire in Flinders St, Melbourne.
Cheery, chaps, reeeealy uplifting...

Meanwhile, the New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian in 1853 promised a hot meal ready and waiting at 12 midday every day when one took lodging in The Wellington Coffee and Chop House.

Lord Raglan mysteriously disappeared after leaving Liverpool for Hobson's Bay in 1863.

The Star proudly proclaimed in 1907 that Chamberlain's Cough Remedy did not contain poison.
So, keep guzzling that little elixar without a care!


  1. But did the cough remedy contain alcohol? As recently as the 80s I had cough syrup the exact colour, texture and (I believe) alcohol content as the gooey stuff in cherry liqueur chocolates ...

    They don't make it like that anymore ...

  2. Hey, why go for the one-shilling lunch when I can get a whole ton of flour for only 20 pounds? With a few peanut plants in the windowbox, I'll be set for the year!

  3. that made for interesting reading about Wellington, some of the land for sale would be worth a few bucks now. It is prime real estate and where the CBD is now located. The coffee and chop shop though what a name aye. Ewwwww at big black creatures that twitch with beady eyes......I would have been freaking out big time at at.