Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28...murder, fraud, submarines, racism...Australia has it all

Good morning, poppets!
Rabbit is on the mnu for dinner again tonight especially as the feral child gave it two thumbs up.
I can see rabbit will be a once-a-week thing along with the trek into the Queen Vic Market ;)

The first NASCAR held outside of America was held at the Thunderdome at Calder park in Victoria, Australia in 1988.

Poor old Arthur Orton, butcher from Wagga Wagga, was sentenced to gaol in 1874 for daring to attempt to claim to be Sir Roger Tichborne.
Was he or wasn't he?
He wasn't...was he?

Flinders Island was recognised as a genocide site in 1999 when it was handed over to the Indigenous People.

Sydney's 1998 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras saw the biggest show of bear solidarity in Australia s more than 4 times the previous bear numbers turned out.

The greatly talented singer songwriter Oz rocker Billy Thorpe passed away in 2007.

The Hawera and Normanby Star was rightfully indignant in 1905 when sharing the disgusting treatment of Maori shearers on Aussie shores.

AE1 and AE2, Australia's first submarines, were commissioned into service in 1914.


  1. Given the state of the Collins class subs, they are probably going to re-commission AE1 and AE2.

  2. When you say Vic Market, I say spicy bratwurst in a roll with cheese, hold the sauerkraut. I must have this now. I don't think I have ever eaten rabbit.

  3. Hey have fun at your blogging conference. When I read the word rabbit I can hear "whats up doc?" in my head lol.....I think I like that image better rather than the bunny boiler one of Glenn Close in that movie lol.....Was interesting reading your take on the Markets. I said to Mike if we lived in Melbourne I would go there once a week for food/butcher etc etc However the bags and clothes etc on the other side of the market did nothing for me and I walked away not spending a cent there.

  4. Yep, Andrew, and probably a sight more effective even lying on the bottom of the ocean than those Collins diasters!

    Now you're making me drool, LiD !

    Thanks, Janine :)
    Yes! We felt the same about the non-food section; every 2nd stall a mirror image of the others, all selling cheap, nasty souvenirs.

  5. I remember going to the Vic market once and we took the kids to see the puppies at the pet stall. We came home with a german shepherd/border collie cross puppy and no groceries.

    I didn't know there had ever been a NASCAR race in Australia.

  6. Arthur Orton was clearly ahead of his time. Fancy trying to do identity theft without the internet!!!!