Friday, February 25, 2011

Head down, bum up, working like a navvie thus I give you...February 25 In History!

Yeah, now that you have that mental image burned into your brains how abouts a little trivial tidbits to help bleach the grey matter....

The Colonist was proclaiming in 1890 that some chappie with a knighthood was babbling about the 'character of the territory of Western Australia'.
All I know is - let 'em secede if they want and replace 'em with a couple of Kiwi AFL teams.

On this day in 1988 the Commonwealth Bank did a woopsie by doubling all debits and credits; the manager made the famous comment that,
"The effects of software errors are only limited to the imagination..."

The bodies of 3 Indigenous women and 1 small child were found in the Portland area while another woman was wounded but found to be alive in 1842.
Witnesses stated they were fired upon at close range by a group of 8 white settlers.

 The Taranaki Herald told all who'd listen in 1884 how the Wairarapa and the Adelaide were racing...which all ended in tears, of course.
Brisbane was flooded, again, with 4 Chinamen drowned in Lawnsville.
And the former Inspector of Govt Schools apparently dropped off the perch.
See? School stress was knocking them off back then.

 Today in 2009 the world of teenagers was rocked when they learned that sex was invented in Australia and by fish.
It's true what they say; don't drink water fish f**k in it...

On this day in 2001 infamous cricketer Daniel George Brosman was pupped in NSW.
Surely you remember Brosman...?!


  1. would love to have been a fly on the wall when the kids discovered that sex was discovered by fish lol

  2. Oh, it would have been tears before bedtime, Janine LOL.
    Squeals of "Oh Em Gee!" and "Ewwwwwwwwww"

  3. On this day in 1994, (you're probably sick of my family birthdays by now...)my first granddaughter was born. I was there.

    Sex was invented by fish????

  4. Haha! I just KNEW there was a reason to avoid water ...

    HAve a great weekend!

  5. "Of course!" exclaimed Agent 86. "The old prehistoric Australian fish sex trick!"