Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mark Tully and the chooks need YOU!

Who recalls that great little AFI nominated doco from a few years back about a bloke from QLD who was hell bent on rescuing all the rare poultry breeds, Rare Chicken Rescue?
If you missed it you missed an entertaining but educational glimpse into the hard slog Mark Tully goes through to track down and find the disappearing rare breeds.

Not to mention the fact we lose THREE breeds of domestic livestock every month through extinction.
Big deal, you say?
With each breed loss goes a whole gene pool of fabulous talent, of possibilities for the future and a small slice of our own living history.

The Lockyer Valley had an horrific flood recently which will cost $1billion alone, such was the destruction.

Mark Tully lost just about every rare chook, goose, turkey and pig in the Lockyer Valley flood.

 Read the transcript from the interview from The 7.30 Report HERE.
Then pop over to his site, The Blue Hills Poultry Stud, to read what you can do or offer to help.
Every.Little bit helps.
Do you know of a rare breed somewhere?
Do you know of someone with the time and/or money to help Mark rebuild?
Do you have poultry equipment you can donate?
Do you have the time to jump on the phone to ask the hard working bloke what else he might need?
How about simply buying a $50 Save The Rare Breeds Pack?

In the big scheme of things rare chook breeds might seem to come waaaay down on the list but when you see their place within our social history - like the fact they have given people a purpose, that Hitler hated the Transylvanian Naked Neck chook during WW2, that these wonderful creations of nature have helped humanity evolve and develop throughout the ages - you can see that they're not 'just chooks' but a small yet vital piece of our existence.

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