Saturday, February 5, 2011

There's a 'woot' in there...somewhere

It's been a tad dampish in dear old Marvellous Melbourne in recent moments...the backyard is currently impersonating a lake, which is no biggie.
What will freak me out is finding fish in the damn thing.
The Silkies, Miss Beverley and Doctor Donna, are holed up in the dining room, most displeased with the inadequate privacy, the poor lighting, the lack of grubs and dirt, and have made NO secret of the fact they think the whole room would be far better decorated in chicken shit.
So, they have.
Decorated in chicken shit.
They're very dedicated to the arts, it must be said, as I'm sure it's a cause close to their arse hearts.
They are currently trilling to each other, having spent the better part of the morning ignoring their layer pellets and pecking at my toes under the computer desk.
Cos it's a subtle form of acupuncture which helps blogging.
Or a pedicure.
Or something.
Anyway, they have yet to lay an egg between them today such is their disgust with the polished wooden floors and snuggly blankies on offer but if they think holding on til I give in is going to work I suggest they take their grievances up with Mother Nature and Yasi.


  1. I think you are taking the art of indoor plants to an extreme, by getting the fertiliser delivered to the room. ;-)

  2. Mother nature and Yasi have a lot to freaking answer for.......I did giggle at the subtle form of acupuncture that the hens decided to bestow on you. Think of the marketing potential in that.

  3. Got woken up a few times last night because of the heavy rain and thunder it's quite annoying when your trying to get your beauty sleep and i need lots of it believe me. Haven't seen the creek down the road a piece with so much water in it rushing by. Nearly broke it's banks, i don't think it has broken it's banks in around 30-35 years :-).

  4. You draw the picture very well with your words- and I was chortling away here. Crazy weather.

  5. What will freak me out is finding fish in the damn thing.

    Wot? fish are good people.

  6. Okay so now you've realised the truth at last. They're not chickens they Pickinators! Geared for only one thing in life..get inside the stupid hoomans house and crap the bejesus out of it preferably..on the carpet = Hooman 0 Pickinator Invasion Force 100

    Yeah I had one of my pickinators do that to me this evening...
    Back to my hole now.....

  7. Show the silkies the cooking pot, see if that will get them laying.

  8. I heard of someone enduring Cyclone Yasi holed up with their chickens. Good laugh. Chickens are quite good fun really hey, until they eat your latest vegetable plant.

  9. I'd hole up with my chickens. Husband reckons he'd find me in the roof space with chooks, dog, cat and fish, while I made sure he evacuated with the child.

  10. So funny, I hope they delivered on the eggs front!!

    Just popping by to read/follow blogs before the AusBlogCon. There's so many I find it hard to read them all and this way I am finally "meeting" some new ones. Pop over to bigwords if you ever get a chance x

  11. ..except european carp .. if ya find one of those things in ya backyard, drag it out, speak gently to it - then bash it on the head.