Monday, February 28, 2011

Wherever they be, let the fruit bats pee...

Hubby has been peed on by fruit bats twice now.
While they're flying past.
Just sitting there in the backyard, minding his own business and suddenly a slightly damp feeling trickles down his back.
As the cheeky buggers continue merrily on their way, chittering to each other.
Probably saying something like,
"I got a direct hit, 20 bonus points AND I made him swear!"


  1. Haha! It's obviously some kind of social comment about sitting in backyards doing nothing??

  2. Okay so the Fruit Bats have had a great 'batting average' *runs*

  3. My brother used to chant "Birdy, Birdy". Here it is, slightly edited:

    Fruit bat, fruit bat,
    In the sky,
    Why did you do that
    In my eye?
    BOY I'm glad that cows don't fly!

    It even rhymes better in the Aussie version!

  4. Ahuh, Red ;)

    We laughed, Elizabeth lol.

    *snort* Liz, should get them in to replace Ponting *snigger*

    LOL Lavender, love it!

  5. Very funny. Can that be good luck like birds pooing on you is supposed to be?