Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ausblogcon photos...well, SOME of them

 I was going to share a shedload of pics I took -   there were about 100+ shots of some of the most gorgeous architecture in and around Sydney, the Ausblogcon conference, the dinner dance, the luncheon with lovely gals at Lindt cafe on Sunday - but Feral Child's brand-new-for-Christmas-only-taken-2-snaps-before-this-trip-point-and-shoot digital camera refused to upload many of them.
Then shat itself.
Then deleted the whole lot.
*had a cry at this point. seriously*
Samsung ES65 I am thoroughly f'kn unimpressed.

My DSLR came through with some.
*Click on the photos to see a larger version*

 Austinmer beach where we stopped for B and her girl to dip their toes into the water.

View from our 17th floor window Friday night.

6am Saturday morning.

 Just a couple from the window.

Yes, they're blurry (how your face appears to me so no one has wrinkles in my world) trying not to flash to capture the colours.

Just for Andrew - a spitter above our window.

And finally - (Thank fark there were SOME pics) - just a few of the people who made the conference such a fabulous experience....

Looking forward to Ausblogcon 2012!


  1. Yay an in focus photo of me and River! May I use it on my blog?
    Mine is sadly blurry.

  2. Sure Cello, go for it!
    Was great meeting you :)

  3. I cry with you, Ro. I love looking through photos and it hurts when they are lost.
    Love the ones you did get, though!

    I think a trip to the camera store for either eddication or testing of that camera is something to plan!

  4. Your photos are in camera heaven with my Great Barrier Reef and Bangkok photos. :-( I will tell Tradie Brother that they use spitters in Sydney too. Horrified he will be.

  5. fark fark fark, I feel your pain. That's so upsetting but you don't need to be told that. Am pleased that at least you got some on your DSLR.Wow love the night view from your hotel.

  6. If there's a photo heaven, then that must be where Dylan's graduation pictures got off to.

  7. Hey! I had a spitter outside my window too. Co-inky-dink.
    Your photos are amazing. I tried taking through the windows ones of the lights but they were blurrier even than yours, so I deleted them.
    May I also take the photo of me and Cello? I don't yet have a post in mind for it, but I'll eventually come up with something.

  8. What fun was had! Sorry about the lost photos.

  9. Wow, Sydney is a Real City! Reminds me of Toronto, or Montreal... apparently I've settled in quite nicely here in Small Brunswick.

    Yep, those photos look like people had a great time at the conference. Good for you for making the trip!

  10. Cameras like computers have minds of their own. I sent my camera away weeks ago to get fixed but haven't heard a thing since!

    Now one has to ask, did you girls go visit Kings Cross while you were up here?

    Take Care,

  11. Looks like a fantastic night! great that you have Aussie Blog Conferences. Is wine allowed?? There should be lashings of wine, or beer, or whatever!

    Sorry to hear about the lost photos.. I'd cry too!

    xx Jazzy

  12. I'm going with some are at least better than none, but I feel your pain. ( and mine cause you know I love photos )