Monday, March 21, 2011

Ausblogcon retrospective babble sans photos but with extra snap, crapple and plop!

I've managed to haul my arse in from Wodonga after the return road trip with Mz B  ( I love you, Louise!) and here I am trying to sort my impressions of Aussie Bloggers Conference 2011.

I'm under no disillusions that a lot of people read my history babble for the smartarse comments cos a lot of people find history, itself, BORING.
But I beg to diff because we all made history this weekend and WE were FAR from boring.
Not looking at those gals who broke burned up the dancefloor on Saturday at all.... 

The girls who worked their arses off to bring this about deserve a HUGE pat on the back Karen, Veronica, Tina, Nicole and Brenda   (not to forget those who offered insights/suggestions/advice/tips, etc, from the sidelines who were equally as valuable to this event coming to fruition) , the details alone would have driven me insane (ok, more insane than I already am) and the fact they managed to continue their committiment to their families, work, blogs, etc, shows how tough and determined they were to bring this great event to pass.
For all of US.
And pass it did, oh too quickly, but I think it's safe to say Australian blogging has passed a point of no return.
No longer can it be brushed aside as "the little woman's hobby" or "a fluff piece" or "not real writing".
Blogging in Australia has now dipped its toe into the SERIOUS waters of journalism/news reporting/opinon pieces/reviews. etc.

Sure, these things were already written about but after a SINGLE conference has been held the movers, shakers, PR companies, marketing gurus and every man and his dog has suddenly sat up and realised "TISM" (This Is Serious Mum).
Well, hell, they must have cos even little old boring, babbling history me has received several emails since Friday asking to pay me to allow articles to be published on my little old boring, babbling history blog *snort*.

And I owe a lot of people an apology.
Yes, you really met "Jayne" who regurgitates her brain contents on here but I am shy and reserved.
Heck, it's taken 23 years to shoe horn me out of my home state (give or take the odd foray across the border that did not involve visas, passports and cattle prods) and my grey matter was preoccupied with the Tribe back home most of the time (plus I was doing my damndest not to mishear you or trip over my own feet proving what a twit I really am), so sorry if I came across as quiet/stand-offish/reserved/snooty/rude/ completely unlike my online smartarse self.
That's me.
Until I've hung out with you for a while.
Then the cerebral smartarse collides with the mouse-like critter...and I hold no responsibility for what comes forth.
So, I figure if you give or take a couple more of these great conferences (run/organised by the same WONDERFUL gals) by the 4th you should have me pole dancing in a G-string to introduce Creative Content in Brisvegas.

This post was NOT written in my head as I snoozed my way down the length of the state of Victoria whilst listening on the coach to a 50-something year old punk chick explain to a teen (on the opposing side) how to reach level 29 in Global Wars, having my eyeballs skewered by the two flannel-shirt-wearing bogan teens being all 'rebellious' by sitting in the rural train luggage bay discovering first love or the chick behind me on the suburban train explaining to her two work friends that the guy she shares the house with has a regular supply of disposable gloves, large plastic sheeting, 300 litres of bleach and has a tonne of cola on hand to which her workmates explained he was most likely disposing of bodies in the bath tub...


  1. The conference sounds like a blast. Unfortunately I couldn't make it but I was thinking of you all.

  2. Jen, you have to serious consider coming to next years' conference - rumour has it in Melb over 2 days - it is so's like being enveloped in a big cuddle en masse by your favourite writers ;)

  3. *giggles* Awwww, Jayne, are you worried some of the Aus Blog Con attendees might ask for a refund, having been denied the you they have come to know and adore? :-p

    I wanna go next year! Pretty please, take me with you! Then we can be quiet and nervously shy together. :-D

    P.S. How did the shirt go?

  4. Loved meeting you Jayne - I wish we had more time than we did.

  5. wow I am green with envy and it sounded great. I must be a nerd, whilst I love your humor and sarcasm, I actually enjoy your blog posts, for a number of reasons. 1. You include NZ history as well as OZ history and I always learn something. 2. You have a knack with your writing. 3. You introduced me to Kerry Greenwood and a new addiction. 4. You tell it like it is and I actually appreciate that. I love your calling a spade a spade outlook. I would love to attend something like this myself. Oh as an aside your coach trip sounded interesting more so the disposing of bodies conversation lol

  6. Haha at Devi. Glad you had a fine old time. Now, see what River and Beet have to say about it.

  7. Sounds like enormous fun. I have to say, your links are always interesting, and I find your smart aleck side comments entertaining. Probably because I am a mouse like critter who sometimes suffers from explosive sarcasm herself. You, however seem to enjoy it much more than I do, and I am a little envious...

  8. I know, I know... and I totally WOULD have come had I not just stepped off a big plane and vowed not to get on one again for a year...

    Sounds like a lovely time was had by all.

  9. Yes, Devi, you were one we are determined shall get to come play with all the wonderful bloggers!

    Same here, Trish, really enjoyed meeting and yakking with you, albeit too-shortly :)

    Thanks, Janine :)
    You'll have to try to get here for next year's Ausblogcon - would be great to meet you and you'd have a ball!

    I'll have your seat reserved at next year's Ausblogcon, Andrew *snort* lol.

    Thank you, Debby, it was great, you would love it!
    I shall induldge in the sarcasm all the more for your benefit lol ;)

    Yep, figured you were pretty exhausted after your trip, BB, you'll have to rest up before next year ;)

  10. Y'know, I'm not surprised to hear you say you're actually quite shy and reserved. One of the great things about blogging is the freedom to present our alter-egos as ourselves -- you the Mae West of Down Under, warehouse worker Tony a superhero, me a nice, friendly person...
    Glad you had such a good time at the conference!

  11. I'm sad that I didn't get to talk with you and B. I was overwhelmed with shyness.......and I really wanted to meet you "properly". Maybe after another couple of BlogCons, I'll loosen up.

  12. So nice to meet you and chat with you.I enjoyed it immensely
    ......hope you werent too bored!!

  13. Was a great conference. Did I meet you? I can't see your face, so I'm not sure. It was a mind boggling few days for sure!
    Bring on next year!

  14. Where shall we go next Thelma? LOL

    Oh Andrew we had THE BEST TIME!!

  15. LOL, Lavenderbay, you're a sweetheart online AND in real life :P

    We should meet for coffee/tea sometime, River, I'm sure I can wangle a trip to your neck of the woods :)

    Peskypixies, you were fab to chat with, loved meeting you, no way could I have been bored LOL. Although I hear there was lack of sleep...

    We met briefly, Naomi, was lovely to meet you, looking forward to next year!

    I say we take on the Nullabor, Louise o.O
    Just kidding...the broomsticks will have to suffice *snort*

  16. Jayne... I didn't know you were coming...DANG! I wanted to meet you!! Did we say hi? Far many people there ay. Next year?

  17. Hi Jayne what a great post :)
    I am glad you enjoyed the conference. I loved it.
    My post re conference is up today.

  18. It was so much fun. I felt privileged to be part of the organising team - so many factors went together to make it such a special event. Thanks for leaving your state to come!