Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If you are reading this...., I'm not dead.

Up the back!
Stop whinging about false advertising.

Now, as I was saying before I was RUDELY interrupted by the *imaginary voices in mah head I am not here.
Not in a Bob Dylan kinda way but in the I am broomsticking training it up to Albury to run wildly amok visit with B then we will cross the border at midnight when security is slackest then visit with some good friends as we scream up the highway a la Thelma and Louise style wend our way towards Sydney where we will have our wicked way with all and sundry a wonderful time...kinda way.

Oh, and I will be still here until Thursday morning, so if you have any complaints you'd best get them in before the witching hour tonight, in triplicate, before Kelley's Giant Squid in his Super Blue Magic Pumpkin rocks up and sweeps me away in a glass slipper to the land of Bizarre Fairy Tales.

Hans Christian Anderson has a lot to answer for.

But a good friend is turning up to salvage the borked **t-shirt transfer, I have been playing with mah ancient classic makeup that hasn't seen the light of day since Queen Victoria wasn't amused and I might just pull off looking halfway decent.
Or it'll be the ***paperbag special look.

I plan to have a wild time in Sydney.
The bucketloads of soda water, frest fruit and the odd indulgence in finger jewellery might even lead me to staying up until midnight!

*Difference between my home-grown madness and the garden variety is that I know these are imaginary voices. Just like the fact we only imagine we have a bogan ranga chick for President of the United Territories of Oz.

**Otherwise you'd all have to pay me $5 to guess the name of my blog at the conference.

*** Then you can all stare, whisper and pay me $5 to guess which hospital I escaped from.


  1. I wasn't sure when you were heading up to Sydney and whether or not you would be posting before you left....hence my have fun message.

    I am green with envy, I would love to go to something like that......Looking forward to reading all about ya thoughts on it as well as the Thelma and Louise a la road trip so to speak.

  2. I can't wait to swear at you in person.

    This is going to rock.

    You know we will all age a decade in this weekend, but WHAT A RIDE!

  3. You and B in the same car? For hours? oh to be a fly on the windshield.....

  4. My ears are burning as I type. What? You only only talk about interesting people? Bah! Have a great time hon.

  5. Yesterday was fun! It will happen again!
    *grins* I envy you getting sworn at in person by Kelley. ;-p

    Have a wonderful time! mwha!

  6. If you are reading this...., I'm not dead.

    BUGGER! Life is full of disappointments! :0)

  7. If you are reading this...., I'm not dead.

    Dammit, life is full of disappointments. :0)

  8. Sorry for double posting - didn't see the approval bit. Expunge at will.

  9. Hope you're having a great time.