Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15 whatever, whatever, whatever....what gave away my very pissed-off-ed-ness?

March 15, 188? The Australian wheat is blah blah blah blah *yawn* blah blah *snore*.
Oh, wait.
Give me a bit of time here, I'm hunting through the miles of blandly boring chronological crap interesting things to find something to titivate you.

1929 Oh, now, isn't that pleasant? The Regent Theatre in Melbourne was opened.
It pretty much goes downhill from here....

In 1957 Jessie Street wrote a letter (not with a thumbnail dipped in tar) regarding the Aborigines (sic) and a possible referendum.
See? Listen to women, we're always right.

1901 The Australian Historical Society had its first knees up.
Was later dubbed Royal Australian Historical Society.
But the cream teas never lived up to that first meeting.

1897 Now it's 'alas and alack, woe is me' time (please note the entire wealth of empathy in that comment as I won't repeat it) - some silly tool in Melbourne apparently tried to do himself a nasty mischief over "excessive cycling".
Cos binge cycling is BAD, boys and girls.
Say NO to binge cycling.
 Shit, Parliament was prolonged, too...a fate worse than death...but guaranteed to cure insomnia.
Maybe it was Parliament that was the cause of the excessive cycling...?
Or the banking sector?
No, that was entirely too coarse, I apologise.

March 15, 1892 Some bloke waffled on about the railway estimates and got his tits in a tangle over some other chap favouring some family over some railway contracts.
Or some thing....

In 1887 a group of blokes (who obviously didn't get out much) got all hot and bothered over some other blokes sheep shearing machine thingie.
Yeah, men and their sheep....

Oh, dear Goddess, now it's cricket *sob*
Some tossers flung their balls at some other tossers from 15 - 19 March in 1877  (give the men a tv remote to entertain their minds, ffs) and something wonderful happened - their gals were left in peace, happiness was achieved and men were allowed to live for another year.


  1. Your pissed-off-ed-ness has made for a very humorous account, whether that was your intention or not!!!

  2. Thanks for comment on my blog today. It made me smile. :)
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  3. Before I forget enjoy the conference this weekend. Okay excessive cycling and suicide, who would have thought it was possible. I do wonder why the excessive cycling in the first place lol

  4. Well I guess the warnings against binge cycling worked - there's a bit of a dearth of it today! In its literal sense, anyway!!

    Good to know that nepotism is a thing of the past too - I'm sure I've not read anything more recent about family favouritism than the 1892 railway contracts story ...

  5. "their gals were left in peace, happiness was achievd"
    See? There is a good side to cricket.