Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2 and happy butterflies fluttering by me...

 Matthew Flinders popped onto Kangaroo Island and named it in 1802.

Ned Kelly's half brother, John Kelly, Westralia policeman, horse stunt rider and WW1 veteran, died in Buenos Aires in 1956.

Lionel Rose was named Boxer of the Year in 1969 by the USA Boxing Association.

A race bar was put into effect at Redfern Town Hall on this day in 1971, effectively stopping it from being rented by any Aboriginal group.


Shane Warne picnicked with Indian students in 2010 to repair ties with India after a number of sickening attacks on Indian nationals.

1788 found a beach yet to realise its potential as the starring character on Home and Away - Palm Beach was eyeballed by Admiral Phillip and dubbed Barrenjuee, and Aboriginal word for young kangaroo.

Prince Charles was greeted by topless Aboriginal dancers and an outback dunny in 2005.

Olympic hurdler Kyle Vander Kuyp was named Cleo Bachelor of the Year in 1998.


  1. I wonder if Charlie has special royal toilet paper. Something official. I am sure he roughed it OK.

  2. I do know his mum had a special loo seat she brung along for some sporting event ;)

  3. Lots of interesting facts on this day; I didn't know Matthew Flinders named Kangaroo Island.
    And I'd forgotten about Prince Charles's visit.

    Also, March youngest, my baby boy is 30 today.