Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29 throughout bizarre and odd events in history...which may or may not include vanilla yoghurt

And here we are again, bloys and girls..."bloys"? where the heck did that come from?!
Methinks my Freudian Finger Slip is showing there...somewhere.
Anywaaaaay, it's another day, another Dawn with a crack that came and went before I'd dragged up an eyelid to see what the fuss about sparrow's fart was and now I grace your monitor with the usual prattle and blather.

The Wanganui Herald reported in 1905 that *gasp* jam tins Did! Not! Contain! The! Correct! Advertised! Weight!
But, never fear! The War Office had the names of the Tassie and Aussie contractors (cos Tassie is a country of its own apparently)!

The first Federal election in the Fair Land of Oz was held on this day back in the dim dark ages of 1901 when *horror of horrors* WOMEN were not only allowed to VOTE! butfour chickybabes also STOOD for election!
*swoon* where will this madness end...surely the gals won't aspire to the top office in the land...?

A jury cleared a Western Australian station manager in 1930 of the charges of murdering nine Aboriginal people who were alleged to have been stealing cattle.

New Zealand was graced with a warrior princess in 1968 when Lucy Lawless was dropped off by the stork.

In Melbourne in 1888 some bloke named Chidley got a nasty shock when the public display of his flying machine went uppity-up then downy down...with a kaBOOM at the end.
It always works in rehersal but when it comes to the premiere performance....!

In 1902 not only did they murder Breaker Morant and Lt Handcock by firing squad they kinda sorta forgot to tell Handcock's missus who found out about his demise through the newspapers.
Nice one, cockheads.

Alicia Mary Kelly, ballsy chick and one of only 7 nurses to receive the Military Medal, enlisted in the Australian Army Nursing Service, AIF, on this day in 1915.

There you have it, the thrilling and wonderous happenings of March 29 in history that you just couldn't possibly have gone on without knowing......
And not a skerrick of vanilla yoghurt in sight!
*rolls eyes*


  1. well now I know things I never knew before..........

    with or without vanilla yoghurt.;)

  2. *disgusted voice*

    Ro? I came here specifically because of the vanilla yoghurt thingy.

  3. Breaker Morant is innocent no doubt about it in my mind. What happened to the vanilla yoghurt did it curdle? :-).

  4. lol at Bloys....damn fingers aye. I have to say I am with the others, where is the Vanilla Yoghurt? Eeks the great princess warrior is only a year older than me, freaking heck shes smoking hot for her age lol. I thought she was older than that lol

  5. but....but....I want the vanilla yoghurt....

    I remember my mum buying jam in 5pound tins. When I was little I didn't know it came in smaller tins. Funny about the ones going to Africa being such diverse weights. Weren't they all the same size tin?