Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3 somewhere in the whole space-time continuum

Broome, in Westralia, was bombed by Japanese aircraft in 1942, which resulted in many of the women and children being evacuated from the town.

Australia claimed the Australian Antarctic Territory via a 2 shilling blue stamp based on a photo taken on this date in 1954.

William Lanne, supposed last Tasmanian Aboriginal male, died on this day in 1869.

Liza Minnelli got hitched to Aussie singer Peter Allen in 1967.

Bonjour, mon ami!
We'll have the chai soy latte.
With a double vodka-valium chaser to go.

Aboriginal People gained the right to vote in Commonwealth elections in 1949...but only if their state/territory laws allowed it or if they were returned servicemen.
To be seen to be doing a great deal when there's bugger all being delivered at all.

In 1953 a 3 month old Indigenous baby was saved from the jaws of a python near Darwin.

A Japanese destroyer shelled Direction Island in the Cocos group of islands in 1942.

Fred Baker may have popped his clogs on this day in 1888 but he makes his presence felt still.


  1. wow that article about Fred was interesting. Loved reading Kerry Greenwoods comments. I didn't know that the Queen Vic market was a cemetery. Hardware Lane we ate down a few times, interesting to read about where ghosts are well known to frequent.

  2. Once I got to the Peter Allen entry I viewed the rest through a haze of 'When my baby, when my baby smiles at me I go to Rio' - so they MAY have lost their impact somewhat!! Have a great day!!

  3. I am learning a bit of Australian history through your posts. I do enjoy them -- barbara

  4. The Aboriginal right to vote has conditions upon it??
    That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.
    A right to vote is a right to vote.
    How can they say you are allowed to vote but only if.....
    stoopid, stoopid, stoopid.

  5. Liza and Peter - what were they thinking?