Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30 almost with disco ponies crapping fireworks from their arse...but not quite

Well, here I lounge in complete and utter decadence, hot water bottle in the small of my back, pillows plumped and propping me up as I screech melodiously request the spouse to play fetch kindly pass me the next handful of pain meds to keep the dreaded gorgon his beloved wife a happy lil camper.
I conned the offspring into giving me his laptop - he came around to my way of thinking when he realised it would keep the dreaded gorgon his beloved mother out of his hair.
That and the fact the silly cow can't chase after him today so he's running amok with digging holes in the backyard (or something...probably finding Narnia or Harold Holt beneath the hen house) while I lounge on the lounge (sounds so much more sumptuous than the reality of sprawling across the couch in bizarre positions to find relief from strained back muscles *snort*).

Dear, favoured British author Chas Dickens was a keen-as-mustard fan of Caroline Chisholm who assisted immigrants once their tootsies landed upon the shores of the Fair Isle of Oz so he published a pile of letters on this day in 1850 which Brit emmigrants had scribed to support ballsy Caroline's commonsense organisation.

So...Earl Bathurst was an obsessed avid hoarder collector of stuff so he founded the oldest "publick" museum in Oz in 1827, the Australian Museum.

On this day in 1899 Miles Franklin posted off her manuscript to Angus & Robertson.
Who rejected it.
My Brilliant Career was eventually published by a Scottish firm when Henry Lawson took it overseas with him.
My Brilliant Career has outlasted Angus & Robertson *snort*

In 1871 one of the famed Aboriginal cricketers who toured England, Johnny Cuzens, died but the Melbourne Cricket Club refused to contribute the 6 pounds needed for his burial.

A few years earlier,  in 1772, The Fair Isle of Oz was annexed by France by Monsieur Louis de Saint Alouarn.
Ainsi, cher lecteur, nous devrions par des droites parler fran├žais, mai oui ?!


  1. That book with emmigrants letters looks like a fascinating read, and I see it's available through Amazon.
    I've never read My Brilliant Career, maybe I should.

  2. I noted the Hoarder comment *grins* and am totally running with your idea to rename our home "The Museum of Ancient Spotlight artifacts".
    I have dedicated the third bedroom entirely to this display.

  3. It does, hey, River?
    It's not a bad read, hasn't lost anything with age :)

    Exactly, Devi!
    I commend your dedication towards collating Spotlight bits ;)

  4. I like the sound of the emmigrant book too :)