Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31 Yes, I snore...not quite like a chainsaw but I'm working on that...

Arse parked on couch again, not so leisurely or dainty, back sore and pain meds now making me sleepy.
Which means they must be working if I'm trying not to snore before midday.
Went looking for history bits for this date and was almost comatose before I'd reached halfway down the page they were so dry, dull and the hidden cure for insomnia.

In 1906 the Grey River Argus trumpeted the news of a huge fire that took out several Sydney warehouses, threatening the entire block, gutting the Berlin Piano Company.

Robert Kinnear became the first Indigenous runner to win the famed Stawell Gift in 1883.

The fabulous Aussie kid's classic, Possum Magic, was released on this date in 1983.

The Grey River Argus reported in 1885 that the West Island had received warning from Singapore that The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

The RAAF was formed on this day in 1921.

South Australians grew to love their woolly backs to the point that by this date in 1863 there were almost 3.5 million Sunday roasts gambolling about the Adelaide Hills.