Monday, March 7, 2011

March 77777...there's a birthday or anniversary on this date, I've completely forgotten who exactly, but the date is bugging the crap outta me....

 There will be photos posted soonish.
If I get a moment to scratch myself.
Or if I can get the dog to stop giving me licky lizards and scratch me herself....

The Otago Daily Times in 1895 was lamenting the impossibility of the noxious rabbit which had over-run both New Zealand and the West Island across the ditch.

Australia issued a delightful 4 cent stamp in 1967 to commemorate 150 years of british and Foreign Bible Study.
Only 4cents worth.... some would say it's overpriced.

Nudie runs were being reported at the cricket in Brisbane on this date in 2008 but the whole hog of nekkid beings was held by the Uni of Georgia with 1,549 lettin' it all swing free in the breeze in 1974.
I got nothin'.
Apart from clothes.

In 1936 William Cooper, secretary to the Australian Aborigines' League, ripped a new one for some dimwitted village idiots.

1865 and Chetwode D. Pringle was found riding, in company with his brother, to a store 3 miles distant from his home.
Personally I begged off the outing as I'd an appointment to have hot wax shoved up my jacksie...

Good old Reg Ansett underwrote Lionel Rose's title fight in Melbourne in 1969.


  1. A bunch cyclists rode through the Melbourne CDB in their birthday suits yesterday that would have been a sight to behold :-).

  2. Streaking...gees. I'd almost fogotten about that.

    And Mr. Pringle does write prettily as he sits in front of his blazing fire in his English drawing room, doesn't he? It makes me wonder what I could write sitting in front of a blazing fire in an English drawing room.