Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Once upon a time there was a group of gutsy gals who stood up to the govt....

I do have a few (very few) snaps of our re-walked Scotchman's Creek walk from whenever it was we did that merry go round ride but I'll be posting them sometime after Friday.
For I am running away to join the circus.
No, really, I'm off tomorrow to learn how to make cheese (keep yourself nice!).
So, I will leave you with a pretty vile little tale of racism I've been tweeting my lardy butt off about, trying to get some media coverage for the ballsy gals in the midst of it all.
On International Women's Day the ballsy Gunai/Kurnai chickybabes at Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust blockaded the former mission due to a great many issues happening.
I'll give you the links to read, the news articles outline them all...

This is the press release they put out yesterday.
We've been waiting for the new one all night but they're having a meeting to make some decisions.

Details of the damage to sacred sites, potential wreckage of Aboriginal heritage and history, people living in sheds while houses stand empty, land owners being told what they can/cannot do on their own property.

Some more of the same from this arvo.

Some details of the State Govt appointed administrators.
Remember - these are intelligent, grown, educated people who own their own property.
Yet 8 years ago, contrary to the Act, without any consultation with Traditional Owners or Elders or shareholders, the State Govt deemed that they needed a form of Govt intervention.
Just like the govt intervention that's in place in the NT.
Except this one in Gippsland came first.

How would you feel if someone walked in your front door and began telling you what you could or couldn't do on your own property, how you were allowed to spend your money?
How about if these strangers go start building over your favourite rose garden or your mothers grave?
But then, if you protest or ask questions they claim it's for your own good, that they know better, leave them to do their job.
How would you feel?
Disrespected? Demoralised? Kicked to the kerb?
And they wonder why the Indigenous People have a shorter have they got to live for, they must ask themselves, when they're not even allowed to manage their own property!

If the colour of your skin deems you to be an ignorant child who needs the big Govt protector making decisions for you in 2011 then we have learned nothing in the past 200 years.
And that apology to the stolen generations was just cheap talk.


  1. Jayne -- Native American (indigenous people) are treated much the same way today as your aborigines. Land issues are constantly erupting and the govt usually wins. They are a minority here -- minorities in this country get the short shift unless they belong to the wealthy class. -- barbara

  2. I said it somewhere before, so sorry if I am repeating, but ex Minister Mal Brough admitted that the NT intervention was a mistake.

  3. I agree that governments shouldn't be taking over and telling people waht they can and can't do, nor how and where to be spending their own money.
    Building of homes etc. I'm not so sure about. When you think about it, all buildings all over the world have been built on someone's grave........Right back to the beginning of time, people were buried. As time and people moved on, homes were built wherever they were needed. Not in current cemeteries of course, but on land that was quite possibly a burial ground way back in time. The home I'm living in right now, could have been someone else's grave or had some other significant meaning. For myself, if development took place over the place of my burial and I'd already been dead for a hundred or so years, I don't see it as a problem. That piece of ground isn't any more special just because I was there.
    I know not everyone shares my view and I apologise if I've upset anyone. It's just that to me, the dead are carried in our hearts and memories, not still "living" in a patch of earth.
    I'm not making much sense am I?

  4. So is there a hidden agenda? Is the land wanted for nefarious SG purposes or something like that??

    I was in the NT after the intervention - and there were a helluva lot of complaints from grey nomads when they were treated in the same way as Indigenous people when purchasing alcohol! I dont think many of them saw the irony!!

  5. Thanks J Bar :)

    Amazing how the govt makes out it's doing a favour to those it's grinding under its heel, Barbara :(

    It's a mistake here in Victoria and in NT, it's racist, Andrew.

    River, I'm talking about living memory of sacred land which is highly disrespectful to some peoples.

    *snort* Red, sad to say there possibly is, who's to say.
    End result is a group of mature adults treated like children while 'Big Parent white gubbinet do da right fing for em' .

  6. That's amazing. I love what I learn from you!