Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6 in Oz history time line thingiewhatsit

We walked a large portion of the Merri Merri Creek trail yesterday - we actually meant to walk the Yarra Trail but with all the blocked paths due to massive works at Dights Falls (yeah, they're screwing with nature again) we somehow ended up following the Merri Creek.
And you wonder why I'm not asked to navigate in car rallies...
BUT it was a lovely walk, had a quick peek at Ceres, got a few photos which I'll post soonish (as soon as we've launched ourselves upon the Queen Vic Market but not the rabbits), blisters, whining from yours truly (which is thankfully not part of the photo shoot) and some gorgeous scenary which I hope you shall enjoy.

Methodism was birthed in the Fair Land of Oz on this day in 1812 when 3 men attended a meeting; a schoolteacher, a soldier and a convict (walked into a bar....).

In 1899 the Wanganui Herald announced that, instead of remaining as 5 pettifogging provinces Australia had finally pulled their digit out and decided to Federate!
Yet the pettifogging remains to this day...

Melbourne was shaken by a 4.7 earthquake on this day in 2009.
With a little notice we could have had the vodka in the glass.

On this day in 1784 poor old John Hamilton Irving thought his life had come to an end as he was convicted of larceny (and him a surgeon, no less!) and sentenced to 7 years over the briny blue sea but later became Australia's very first emancipist.

A UFO was eyeballed at 4.30am at Lake Sorrel in Tassie with another sighted later that night on the same day in Sydney in 1975.

In 1859 the Earl of Hardwicke and Lady Ann welcomed the delivery of their darling offspring Le Comte De Fontenay.


  1. Ha! Always knew there was something spooky about Methodism (is that a word??). But the UFO thing is even MORE spooky!!

    Have a great day!!

  2. Love the Merri Creek trail!

    How'd you like CERES?

  3. Federation: "instead of 5 pettiflogging provinces, each doing its level best to injure the other commercially..." Love it! Probably the best quote about Federation I have heard, and from NZ.

  4. And all the newly federated states lived happily ever after, except for water, capital grants, mining taxes, subsidies.........and on and on.

  5. pettifogging is now my word of the day! lol