Friday, April 15, 2011

Acquired Brain Injuries, sarcasm, thanks and salami farts...that's what this little black duck is made of.

Thanks for your kind words at the pity party I threw last night.
Yep, I'll be fine, just keep on plodding on and get through each day as it hits.
Got the Acquired Brain Injury kit from BrainLink yesterday; we'd stopped at their stall at a disability expo we attended last week...or was it the week before?
Can't remember, the days are blending in together.
Anyway, the kit has offered so many helpful insights into Feral kid's behaviour and ways to manage it I could laugh at the sheer happiness and scream that no one pointed us in their direction before now.
Meh, the journey was obviously one we were meant to take (to appreciate the kid's improvement more or to redecorate the smashed plaster walls in shades of puce/cerise/magenta and, perhaps, teal?).

Gee, who'd have thunk that those with ABI have increased aggression, both verbal and physical?
(That was sarcasm dripping on your keyboard,, have a tissue).
Or lack of motivation, want to stay in bed all day, can't be arsed doing anything without constant nagging (which only triggers the aggro more) or refuse to shower or repeatedly ask the same question or have memory problems or mood swings or hear voices or heightened senses, more concrete thinking........
Yep, typical behaviours following an ABI, which overlap with many Autistic Spectrum behaviours but which have become more marked and noticeable since Feral kid's head injury.

Amazing to open a booklet and see the Feral child described to a T on most pages.
I swear I've mentioned these changes/behaviours to a bajillion specialists over the past 2 years but obviously I was mistaken and must have been taking to myself, again.
I really should stop talking to myself.
(Here's another tissue...there's a spot of sarcasm near the semi-colon, to your left...yep, you've got it now).

And on that note I'll leave you with this observation...
If you eat too much hot salami you can let rip with fruity farts so rich you could not only clear a department store during Boxing Day sales but also power the entire Eastern seaboard of Oz....


  1. Sorry to hear things have been a bit rough for ya. As all little black ducks say with that perfect Daffy Duck accent "This means war" end quote.

    Look after yourself there!

  2. Inspired me to have salami for lunch. Now I'll go and hang around in elevators, with a secret little smile on my face.
    Your walls do look much prettier now - it's all about motivation, innit?
    I'm glad you got some useful information!

  3. Peanuts tend to let me pass very fruity ones indeed :-).

  4. On the contrary... speaking to oneself is much better than speaking to others alot of the time. It MUST be why I do it too. Well, all day at work I seemed to be talking to myself when I was trying to speak to Doctors.. that's okay, one page to the head registrar of the said Unit and hey presto... results STAT! Happy patient, happy patient's wife, bruised ego of young Dr versus nurse with lots of experience!

  5. Glad you got hold of that book..... sounds like it was exactly what you have needed for a while. Times are obviously hard for you just now. Thinking of you as you get ready to say goodbye to your Dad.

  6. I felt so sorry for you reading this... but I was left wondering why fruits got people upset and thinking about your dad's magical colon. OK, then I figured it out that "fruity" means "really bad smelling." Here, "fruity" can mean gay.

  7. ABI triggers aggression?
    Good to know.
    I shall immediately stop beating my head against brick walls.

    I'll keep talking to myself though.
    It's the only way to get a decent conversation around here.

  8. Ooo, hang about, am 'bird spotter'. Just acquired a nifty digital cam .. still looking for the "little black duck". Elusive.

  9. Jayne, talk to me. My email is on the blog.

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