Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1, monster list of history babble....April Fool *phew*

Exciting stuffs, dear reader!
It's April Fool's Day!!


Flinders Naval Depot HMAS Cerberus, usually found down on the Mornington Peninsula on days ending in Y, was officially opened on this day in 1921.

The short-lived Indigenous monthly newspaper Abo Call was first issued in 1938.

The Wanganui Herald pronounced that the South Oz Premier, Mr Price, had apparently seen the light and sang the praises of chickybabes who both voted and who were gracing parliament with their presence in 1908.

For a list of Aussie April Fool's Day hoaxes click HERE.


  1. Oh so you celebrate April Fools Day too. Lately i have felt like April Fools Day is everyday with our present politics. -- barbara

  2. I think an Aboriginal newspaper is a great idea, other minorities have newspapers. Is there a current aboriginal newspaper?

    I don't like April Fool's Day.