Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29 Earthquakes,assassination attempts and prison breaks, Oh My!

Apologies for spewing my guts yesterday, thank you for your patience and kind words.
Things are in hand.

In 1875 the Catalpa set sail from Massachusetts to liberate the infamous Fremantle Six, Irish prisoners in Westralia's Fremantle Prison.

1970 and on a visit to Oz someone plotted The Lithgow Plot where a large-ish log was plopped onto the railway tracks to derail the monarch's train.
Which didn't succeed although keeping the Queen in the dark about it apparently did.

Australia's largest known onshore earthquake, a whopper at 7.2,  rocked and rolled Meeberrie in Westralia in 1941.

The Taranaki Herald in 1885 put everyone's fears to rest when it relayed the news that, should war break out, the Point Lonsdale, Queenscliff, North and South channel lights will be extinguished.
And we'll all be vewy, vewy quiet....

Back in 1770 on this day Jimmy Cook wafted into Botany Bay and noted that, after meeting the Indigenous inhabitants (and shooting at them) "All they seemed to want was for us to be gone".
Strange, that...
Here's an eyewitness Etching we prepared earlier.

Extreme measures in 1906 saw the Colonist state that, although it was claimed crime had dropped in Victoria, the Imperial Defence Committee was constructing forts and puttin' in Big Guns.
Yep, that'll teach 'em!

The inaugural meeting of the Aboriginal-Australian Fellowship took place in Sydney's Town Hall in 1957.


  1. One interesting aspect to Lithgow incident is that there was a escort engine a short distance if front of the royal train and so there was a very short time to get the log in place. Thank goodness nothing bad happened as we colonials would have been the worst in the world.

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